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  1. I am having problems with my bobbins warping. I am only using the ones sold at Viking dealers. December 2017 I took my machine to a service tech because I couldn’t figure out why I was having such problems with tention all of a sudden. I was able to get the bottom thread pulled up but then when I started to quilt it would just just lock up. The tech said there was nothing wrong with the machine itself and that my bobbin was warped! He did some minor adjustments. He said he didn’t know why they sold these aluminum bobbins. Of course, I know why they want you to keep buying them.
  2. I was having issues with long, skipped stitches. Angie at APQS walked us through several possible issues. In the end we reset the timing and the long stitch issue is cured. However, now I am having issues getting my tension set back up properly. The bottom was being pulled to tight and then leaving dots underneath. I can get the machine to quilt nice stitches but I can only go from left to the right, no major going backwards in my meandering and a bit slower. With that said, I had to make the bobbin case fairly loose and the top tension is SO TIGHT that I can't believe the thread doesn't keep
  3. 2017 Millie with Quiltpath. Have been using prewound bobbins exclusively, mostly Magna Glide without any issues. Had never tried my Turbo winder. Got a client quilt where she wanted a variegated thread. I had a good one with Affinity by Fil-Tec. Then she decided to ask for matching thread in the bobbin. Well, Fil-Tec doesn't offer prewounds in that line that I can find. So I dug out my second bobbin case, and finally figured out how to use the Turbowinder. The bobbins looked like they wound properly. I used the aluminum ones and the same Affinity thread. Set up my machine to quilt. As usual, I
  4. Hello! I'm a newbie and am seeing the "flatlining" issue. It's short little bursts of flatlining, and I didn't notice until I took the quilt off the machine. I'm so thankful for all the information on this site, I plan to use all of it until my problem is fixed. The question I have though, is this: What about this quilt I just finished? Is it ruined, will the back stitching fall out the first time I wash it? I kind of planned to give it as a gift, I'm sure the person receiving the quilt won't notice, but I'm afraid it will pull apart when it's washed and I'll look like a fool...I a
  5. How often do you replace needles? Is that why my fabric looks like it has holes punched in it. Or is that because it's a batik? Or too tight on the frame? Tension off in my thread? It looks ok. Maybe a bit tight on the bobbin. I have pics of top and bottom of quilting. I also tightened top tension before starting this row but I'm attaching a pic of the last row on the roller bar. I think the top was too loose righty?
  6. Well, it has been a week since we made the 18 hr drive to Des Moines and back home in one day. I knew the shine would come back on. ") Boy is it different! moving the machine versus moving fabric. It wasn't going so well last night. A lot of drag, thought of all of you guys and bravely turned the top tension (yes, I come from the generation when our mothers taught us to Never...Ever... mess with tension) and it helped some, still heavy to push/pull. Off the fabric he glides. Tired and went to bed. This morning thought I would give another try! Still dragging, loosened the brake, Bam, succes
  7. Finished Quilt for Customer who called back and asked about railroad tension on back only in certain spots where pattern changed direction - I have been told this is called Needle Flex and Directional Tension issues. Question asked -- will it stay secure or will it come loose? I advised that putting in dryer sometimes helped pull the threads into the batting and stated it would not come loose. I offered to take quilt and "re-do" areas of tracking - what has others done in this situation? I really don't want to have to take out and re-do but want to assure customer that quilting is secure -
  8. I have a problem that I've had before in the past, and can't remember/find the solution. Big random loops on the back. My tension spring rest at 11on top,and goes down to 9 when the thread pulls through. My pigtail goes from 8 to 2. My top tension is tight to the point of the thread breaking. I have a thread sock on and have rethreaded to try and alleviate some of the twist. My top stitches bubble when this is happening on the bottom. I can't feel any rough spots or burrs anywhere.Dawn!!!!! Waaaah!!!!
  9. I just began quilting a top that has the Minkee type fleece on the back. Low loft poly batting. The fleece is a black and white zigzag and the top is light pink. When the needle passes over the black it pulls up some of the nap from the back so I have black lint on my pink top every inch or so! I changed to a larger needle, but that didn't solve the problem. Would loosening my top tension work? I hate to mess with tension too much, but I'm thinking I might have to for this project. Suggestions, anyone? I've never had this happen before!
  10. Let me begin by saying I am new to longarm quilting. I have had my Millie for 11 months and have been actually quilting on it for 6. I have not had a single problem until now. I follow all cleaning instructions, between quilts, as recommended by APQS, and have been using the same brand and weight of thread from superior (OMNI), and the same batting as all other quilts 80/20 Fairfield (frankly, I am afraid to change until I get better at understanding the machine and tension). Now for my problem, the other day I noticed my tension was "randomly" off. I was using quilt path, as on several of
  11. the bobbin thread has been giving me trouble more often than not...i have the tension balanced per Amy's suggestions; bobbin loose so all adjusting is done on top and when it works, the tension is actually quite good. the only problem now, however, is that my bobbin thread keeps getting wrapped around the bobbin latch. other times, it gets caught between the bobbin case and the bobbin race. This happens with all sorts of thread; glide, sew fine, cotton/poly... we retimed the machine a few months ago, could i have left a tad too much space by the bobbin finger thing? thanks.. jackie
  12. Hey all, I have been experimenting with pre-wound bobbins and would love to get an informal survey of what you all do when using Superiors Super Bobs pre-wound bottom line bobbins . Do you take the cardboard off only on the side that is up against the inside of the bobbin? Do you take both cord board sides off both ends and then adjust bobbin tension after each modification?? or do you leave both card board sides on the pre-wound and still get pretty stitches? I actually called superior the other day and the advise I got was pretty useless.."it;s what ever you would like to do" . Well I feel
  13. Hello all. About two weeks ago my Millennium developed a thread breaking issue along with an occasional loop on the back side of the quilt. I've dealt with tension for twelve years now and I know how to fix most issues, but this has me stumped. I can't seem to get rid of that loop problem. Any tighter and it's constant breakage. Loosen it even a little and there are tons of bottom loops. I'm wondering if the tension assembly needs replacement, which I'm probably going to do either way. I go through a lot of quilts, roughly 600-700 per year, so my machine takes a beating. If anyone has s
  14. Hello. Newbie here. I have been practicing on my new to me non-stitch regulated Ultimate 2 for about a month and have a few questions for the experts here. My practice quilt sandwiches have been muslin/batting/muslin and I was finally getting pretty good stitch quality and decent stitch length - not perfectly consistent length, but not horrible either. Sooooooo, I decided to try some small charity quilts (Quilts for Kids). On the first two, it just seemed like I couldn't get into a rhythm, not sure if it was nerves or what (the finished quilts did look okay, though) - and I noticed that t
  15. I've already called and left a message with APQS to call me back, but while I'm waiting, I'm getting impatient. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this problem on the forum. Maybe someone out there has had the same problem. My Freedom was stitching just beautifully a couple of days ago, but now when I stitch from right to left, the stitches look like they're stretched tight so they look like a shiny line. When I stitch from left to right, the stitches are absolutely perfect! I was having this problem before Christmas also, but I spent some time on the phone with both Amy and Dawn regardin
  16. I'm going crazy! I quilted on my Millie all day yesterday. Had some preliminary tension issues but was able to adjust the top tension with no further problems. After work today I wanted to finish the quilting and the tension is horrible!! The top tension is very loose! The only difference is I turned off the machine last night and turned it back on tonight . No one touched the machine while I was at work unless I have goblins in the house. I'm using magna bobbins and glide tec thread. I put in a fresh needle yesterday before starting this quilt and oiled/cleaned Millie. Sho
  17. I've had this problem before, but now I seem to have it with almost every quilt - a small area where the tension is off and then things are fine again. I can hear it in the stitching, but I'm doing nothing different in that area than any place else. This quilt is about 50" by 60", quilted with a loose meander. Bottom thread is Glide (not pre-wound); top is Superior variegated. 4.0 needle used only for a 20" by 24" wall hanging before this. I have done all the things I know about - checking for debris, watching the thread path when I stitch (which I can't do when I'm actually quiltin
  18. I have just spent the las two days ripping out the stitching on a whole last row of pantograph.... The whole quilt was fine with the exception of a few random loops on the back... most often in a point.... I get done with the last row and unpin and have a whole row of thread barf..... I rip (full 8 hrs of ripping). I make sure my top tension is tight... it's so tight if I tighten it it breaks every couple minutes....my bobbin tension WAS 110 on the towa I loosened it to 100... cleaned my bobbin area/case, checked the backlash spring, decided to replace it just in case.... all was well
  19. I have a quilt on the frame that is a customer quilt. She brought her own thread for me to use. It is king tut and she wanted it on the top and bottom. I stitched two rows, and although the tension looked ok while I was quilting, it is horrible after I rolled the quilt. Railroad tracks, flatlining, stair step stitches,most on the bottom but some on top too. And, it is a very dense pattern, backing is the white on white fabric (looks like thick white painted on flowers), batting is cotton, and batik on top. 2 hours of quilting and I'm on day 3 going into day 4 for frogging. Bobbin tension is ar
  20. I had a customer bring me thread, im using cotton thread, alum bobbin,bobbin tension loose ( shake and 10" drop) request batting. I have fiddled with tension ,screw is slightly past , sticking out on knob, tension is still uneven, what next? Should I loosen bobbin or rethread through holes? Thanks in advance for help.
  21. Hi Everyone. I just ordered a Lucey! As you can imagine I'm super excited. But now, as I wait, buyer's remorse sets in...well not remorse, but worry. My background is I'm a very confident quilter, published author, pattern designer etc. I've been quilting for more than 20 years and I've quilted most of my quilts on my DSM. I know and love my DSM very well. I have a Viking and I almost never have any trouble. Might have to tweak the tension once in a while but other than that it's a work horse. I've had it 9 years and had it serviced only once. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm ter
  22. I've been having weird tension issues. My tension is fine for 20-40 stitches and then will give me a 4-8 stitch patch where it is a bit loose on the top and tight on the bottom. I have tried loosening the bobbin, tightening the bobbin, loosening the top, tightening the top. I've rethreaded the machine, checked for lint/thread build up in bobbin area, changed the needle, changed the bobbin, changed the bobbin case, have the batting above the cone, turned the cone upside down and I cannot find an answer! I am using CAN-SEW polyester thread and Dream cotton batting. 4 hours yesterday and I am
  23. I'm having a recurring problem with the tension on my APQS Freedom, and I sure hope that someone can shed some light on it. I'm working on a customer quilt, and I've stopped completely about half way through because I just can't seem to get control of this. I've attached some pics (I hope) so that hopefully this will make sense. I'll be stitching along, everything seemingly fine, and then a little loop will appear among my top stitches. Sometimes one or two, and sometimes a lot within just a few inches of stitches. Some are very small, and will probably even out once the quilt is washed.
  24. I think I have done a total of 4 quilts on my new Millie. For some reason when I was doing a quilt yesterday, the side tensioning clamps kept catching on the left side of the Millie and messing up my border stitching. I do not remember having this issue on the other 3 quilts that I did. I tried putting a ruler on the poles to raise up the clamps, but that didn't work, it still got caught. It seems for some reason the clamps are sinking lower than on the previous quilts. Does someone have a suggestion on this. It was really irritating Thinking out loud here.....could it be
  25. Well.....I have this new Millennium, you see, and I am so frustrated with I can't even look at it ! Tension issues and bobbin issues. I see 'pokies' on back side of quilt... I have tightened the top thread tension so the pokies are gone, and now my thread breaks every 30 seconds. Moving on to the next step, I get my bobbin case out, and my bobbin won't stay in the case, so I can't do a 'drop test'... With the other stuff that went wrong this morning, I just could sit and cry. Ever get that frustrated? Anyone have comments?
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