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  1. Due to illness, I have not been quilting in a while. Up for your consideration is a large batch of OMNI. Most have never been used. Some wrappers are missing as they were likely shipped to me from Superior Threads in loose crinkly plastic bags around the cone instead of the shrink wrap. I will also include an OMNI 172 color chart with actual threads. I did do some highlighting on the color chart of the colors that I had at one time and the chart is cut a little bit so that it would fit into my binder. I am asking $450 for all 51 cones plus shipping,, or $10 a cone plus shipping. Buyer wil
  2. Just wanted to show everyone my new thread shelves. They were very inexpensive, $5.49 per shelf plus about 50 cents for the dowels to hold the bobbins. Each shelf holds 16 cones across, two deep. I added tiny dowels in front of each cone to hold the extra bobbins. I could, and may, put the shelves a little closer together and add a 6th shelf. I painted them red to match my new painted stairs. So far I love them.. I had the cone storage racks but always had to be very careful taking the cones off so I wouldn't knock off other cones.
  3. Many used paper pantos, many themes and sizes. Listed below are patterns/designers: Themes/Holidays: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Tweet Tweet Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Play Catch Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Animal Crackers Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermi
  4. Hello - new Lucey owner here and having fun practicing on her. Do any of you use Omni thread? And if so, what do you find works well in the bobbin. Thanks!
  5. A pretty minor question, but I’m stumped so thought I’d pose the question. The quilt I’m about to quilt has a lot of white background, and some colored batik shapes pieced in here and there. . It would be considered a modern quilt. With so much white, should I use white thread, or the sort of off-white (linen) Glide? In the past, I’ve steered away from white, thinking it’s too stark or bright, but I have never had an all-white background. Also, if I use white thread, should I use a more neutral (like off-white or light grey) on the batik parts? Thank you!
  6. If anyone has suggestions about thread color, please send a message. There's a lot of black on this and I'm quilting it with a "tannenbaum" (Christmas tree) pantograph. I'm leaning toward the thread on the right in the picture because it has less gold in it. My goal is to not use a dark color on Santa's face and beard (he's VERY large on the print), but I also don't want to clutter up all the black areas in the background and on the wide border with too light a thread color. Thanks!
  7. Can anyone pleeeeeze help me. I love this one particular thread. I called it magic thread because it blended with absolutely EVERYTHING! It was the ugliest color ever when you looked at in on the spool, but it just melted into the fabric. I could use it with pink, blue, black, red, purple, orange....seriously, it coordinated with everything. I remember the color number was 887 or 878, and it was kind of a mixture of pea green and gold in color. Sorry, I know that's a horrible description, but the actual color is very hard to describe. I ran out about a month ago, and of course threw awa
  8. I only use Superior Sew Fine thread and want to sell the other thread I have on hand. I have a couple of brand new never opened cones but the rest are all open. Some are nearly new full, some are partial (around 1/2 a cone or more) and others are skimpy 1/4 cone or less. I have grouped them by brand with the price next to each brand. Bottom Line 1 full 4 partial 9 skimpy $25.00 YLI 1 skimpy Free to the first person who buys thread Poly quilter variegated 4 partial and 3 skimpy $25.00 Rainbows 1 partial and 2 skimpy $7 Art Studio 1 partial Free to the first person
  9. I am bringing home my first ever long arm machine on Tuesday, a 2013 dealer demo blissed Millenium on a 12' table. I am SO EXCITED! My APQS dealer is 2 hours away from me and I want to be able to jump in right away as soon as she's set up in my studio. What goodies should I buy while I'm in the shop? I know I want to learn to do ruler work, so I'll need the extended base. I do intricate appliqué on my own quilts and would like to be able to ditch around the appliqué with accuracy. Are the micro drive handles the best way to do that, or should I try one of the acrylic needle guide
  10. The thread is jumping out of the little metal hook while I am quilting. I squeezed it a little tighter ... That didn't help .... And I added batting in the first thread hook above the cone to take off any slack. Any suggestions would be great. Causing me quite the headache and tones of picking out bad stitches Thanks
  11. I have a problem that I've had before in the past, and can't remember/find the solution. Big random loops on the back. My tension spring rest at 11on top,and goes down to 9 when the thread pulls through. My pigtail goes from 8 to 2. My top tension is tight to the point of the thread breaking. I have a thread sock on and have rethreaded to try and alleviate some of the twist. My top stitches bubble when this is happening on the bottom. I can't feel any rough spots or burrs anywhere.Dawn!!!!! Waaaah!!!!
  12. Does anyone have experience with Madeira quilting thread? It has this beautiful sheen and I want to use it on a custom quilt I am working on. Any concerns or experience with this thread... quilting or over time? Thanks, Kim
  13. Hi all! I just purchased a used ultimate II machine last week. So far it has been great, except every once in a while the thread will start to break or shred, and the stitches will skip. It is not every time just every once in a while. Does it sound like a timing issue? I have checked for burrs, cleaned and oiled everything and changed the needle. Tension seems to be just right The top thread and bottom thread have no loops peeking through. I have done the drop test with the bobbin, and then set the upper tension after that. I am using a cotton thread, maybe I need to hydrate the spool
  14. With much thanks to our wonderful customers, Quilted Memories has moved 1 block south to 8015 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, Ks! Our phone is the same- 913-649-2704. After the consolidation of the warehouse and shop I find myself a bit long in individual packaged batting. So... order packaged batting on the website and receive a 50% discount! ( Price will be adjusted when order is processed and actual shipping charges will apply) http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_dept_items.asp?Store_id=1006&Page_id=17&categ_id=39 Some other news: I am now accepting pre-orde
  15. HI, I have a quilt top the piecer wants me to use Glide thread. Do any of you use this? What do you use in the bobbin? I have only used cotton threads….. Thanks
  16. My thread cones are off to a new home. Thank you for your interest! Nancy V. I have thirty cones of Superior So Fine #50/3 polyester thread for sale. Ten cones have not been used and are still in their clear wrappers. The other cones appear to be the same fullness, and have were used to make one, possibly two, quilts. The cones are: Pearl, Putty (2 cones) Toast, Smoke, Hot Chiles. Scarlet, Cherrywood, Mustard, Chocolate, Ginger, Your Highness, It’s a Boy, Midnight Harbor, Lilac, Celery, Spring Green, Sandstone, Fawn, Granite Peak, Climbing Rose, Aster, Brooke, Missoula, Lewis &a
  17. I just bought my first quilting machine - a 1996 Ultimate I. My local APQS dealer suggested I buy the starter pack that she usually buys. She buys 23 colors and since I don't have business yet I was wondering what basic colors y'all would suggest I get - outside of the black, white and cream colors. Would those 3 be enough to start with or should I expand into one or two shades of other colors as well? Thanks for your input, Jenn Wilson
  18. Hi I am getting a new Milli this week. I just sold my handiquilter last week and let my cones of thread go with it. So, my question is, What are the favorite brands of threads do you guys find works well for you. And what are your opinion on the bobbins that are used - do you like the smart bobbin or the M bobbin? Is the smart bobbin that much better than the M?
  19. I am preparing to quilt a top and I tried a lot of invisible threads that I have on hand - on a practice piece - interesting to say the least - and decided that I like the Sew-Art International Invisible Nylon thread the best. Went on-line to order and lo! and behold! this thread is not being produced anymore. Sigh ... so before I go to my runner-up, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any spools of this thread that they don't use. They are small spools (3000 yds) so I'll need a bunch. Let me know here or you can email me at sylvia1104@comcast.net. Thanks! Sylvia
  20. Has anyone used Gutermann thread from Joann's? I got in a bind last week because I needed a specific color and bought a cone. With coupon it was less than $3. It worked great. I am not one to use low quality supplies so I want your opinions. It was poly thread and went on a wall hanging it would not be sat on...so I went for it. Thanks Don
  21. Hi Everyone. I just ordered a Lucey! As you can imagine I'm super excited. But now, as I wait, buyer's remorse sets in...well not remorse, but worry. My background is I'm a very confident quilter, published author, pattern designer etc. I've been quilting for more than 20 years and I've quilted most of my quilts on my DSM. I know and love my DSM very well. I have a Viking and I almost never have any trouble. Might have to tweak the tension once in a while but other than that it's a work horse. I've had it 9 years and had it serviced only once. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm ter
  22. It's been a month or more since I have been on the Fil-Tec Bobbin Central website. Much to my delight (pun intended), I discovered the new and improved site. It is very nicely designed. Love their thread too! http://www.bobbincentral.com Leslie
  23. Just wanted to show everyone my new thread shelves. They were very inexpensive, $5.49 per shelf plus about 50 cents for the dowels to hold the bobbins. Each shelf holds 16 cones across, two deep. I added tiny dowels in front of each cone to hold the extra bobbins. I could, and may, put the shelves a little closer together and add a 6th shelf. I painted them red to match my new painted stairs. So far I love them.. I had the cone storage racks but always had to be very careful taking the cones off so I wouldn't knock off other cones. These are the before and after photos
  24. I don't know what I would do without this forum. So much thread! So many colours! So many kinds! I'm just starting, so I've been sticking with Glide thread for now. It was recommended to me, and I really like it. So far, I just have six basic colours, and it was easy to order the top thread plus the M size bobbins that went along with the same colour kit. I'd sure like to play with some different colours, but not all of the colours offer pre-wound bobbins to match. I could wind my own, but isn't bobbin thread usually thinner than the top thread? Does my top thread have to match my bobbi
  25. I have a small piece of thread left in the bobbin holder on the bottom of the machine. Not the bobbin case but the part that holds that. I got it cleaned out once and started sewing again and it happened again. So I'm thinking there is some still stuck in there. Can i take out the grey piece that holds it? or is there a way to clean this area? I'm pretty new and trying to learn all the "correct" ways. Thank you, Lisa in MO
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