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Found 5 results

  1. Just off my quilt frame this week, "Surf Song" bargello. From the book Twist and Turn Bargello Quilts by Eileen Wright. Needed a king size quilt for my bed and instead of adding borders to make a king sized "Surf Song" I kept building the bargello to the edges. I quilted it with IQ and the panto Ripples by Lorien Quilting. I will make coordinating batik pillowcases and of course still need to bind the beast!! Robin in MT
  2. Hi everyone! I'm finally responding to Ardelle's challenge to post pictures! Due to my crazy busy life, I was only able to complete 2 quilts in the past year. In less than 5 years, I've been blessed with 5 grandbabies... the 6th is due any day, and I haven't even started a baby quilt yet! These little munchkins plus a full time job keep a Gramma busy! LOL Both quilts are bargellos... "Lightning Strikes" is one of my favorite patterns. The first, the green one, was made for my son's wedding last January. One of my first attempts at custom, I sweat buckets over the thought, but in the end, I'm pleased with how it turned out. I used Ronda Byer's rulers for the border... first attempt with them. They are so easy to use. Quilter's dream wool, it's my new favorite batting), and a silver/grey minky on the back. Ok, now to try posting pictures, fingers crossed that it works. IMG_5811 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5818 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5814 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5812 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5824 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_5820 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr The second, oranges & browns, was for my daughter & son-in-law. She wanted the quilting to follow the lines of color. Was tons of rolling back & forth, I think it took longer than the first one. Again, Quilters dream wool, and brown minky on the back. Both quilts are king size... 110 x 110 They take up my entire floor space in the living room IMG_6206 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6207 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6208 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr IMG_6214 by Sharon M2013, on Flickr Both girls picked the Lightning Strikes pattern, and they each chose their own colors, all Jinny Byer fabrics. I have her portable pallette... such a wonderful tool for choosing fabrics, especially bargellos. No issues at all with the minky backing, it quilted beautifully Thanks for looking, and thanks for the challenge Ardelle! And thanks also to Heidi for the instructions on using Flickr
  3. I could really use advice on this Bargello quilt, I have not quilted a Bargello - the customer wants custom quilting - she wants to enter in a beginner level show. I am thinkinking some type of feathers. And maybe leaves in border.
  4. I'm looking for ideas for quilting a Bargello quilt. My customer has used very tiny pieces, about 1x2 inches. I previously quilted a different Bargello for her using what looked like contour lines on a map. I wanted to do something different on this one. Her color placement looks a little like a Navajo rug or Mandala. It's so beautiful, and I really want to complement her piecing and not overshadow her work. Any ideas? Thanks Susan
  5. Here are two more quilts I finished this week. These are mine. Both are wall hangings. Monday was a very productive day! The first quilt is from a class I took at the guild learning how to make a Bargello quilt. I have been collecting Black, White and Red fabrics to make a large Bargello quilt but after making this little one I might find another use for the black and white fabric. lol The second quilt is an appliqué which I adapted to look like my cat, Indy. He's a Champagne Burmese. The pattern was a Siamese cat with blue eyes and a blue background. Since Indy has gold/green eyes and darker fur I changed the colors of the quilt. Thank you to Vickie Oliver and Judy Ingram for helping with fabric choices on this one. You girls rock! IMG_0681 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0684 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0684 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0685 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0696 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0689 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
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