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Found 6 results

  1. How often do you replace needles? Is that why my fabric looks like it has holes punched in it. Or is that because it's a batik? Or too tight on the frame? Tension off in my thread? It looks ok. Maybe a bit tight on the bobbin. I have pics of top and bottom of quilting. I also tightened top tension before starting this row but I'm attaching a pic of the last row on the roller bar. I think the top was too loose righty?
  2. Hello, ladies and gents! This is my first 'share post', and I'm a little nervous, but very excited about the dramatic improvement my Millie is over my old system! I humbly submit a couple of quilts I just took off my new Millie. I have only had her since late November, and I am reeling in the new freedom to play with free motion modern designs and to try new things with each project. (I load a larger backing and batting than the main quilt requires, and then practice free motion design ideas on little table mats and smaller projects in the side margin) These are not intricately pieced to give me lots of negative space to practice in, and so far, the stitch quality even changing thread weights and types of bobbins, is just excellent! Pretty easy to look good when the machine is such a dream. A grateful shout out to the wonderful community here, and to you lovely and helpful experts who give so generously to us beginners. Thank you! Beth
  3. HI! I finished up this large 86" by 98" Batik quilt last night. I used Glide thread and Magna glide bobbins. The panto is "Come Dance With Me". It was my first time to use this panto and I really enjoyed stitching it. I hope you can see it in the pictures. IMG_0672 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0671 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0668 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
  4. Hi fellow quilters. I am so proud to say that my first ever entry in the Sonoma County Fair took a 2nd place ribbon. Wow was I surprised. It's stitched with Tonga Treats batiks. Have a fabulous stitchery day. Barbara
  5. This quilt pattern is called Mod Pop. It is made with my favorite batik fabrics and quilted with freehand feathers. Love the curved design and retro look. This is the first quilt I have found time to make and quilt for myself this year, need to make sure I take more time to work on my own projects. I love quilting for a business but it really does cut into my own quilting time! As you can see spring is still a long way off here!
  6. I am planning to make the 'Labyrinth' quilt. I have never sewn batiks before and plan to do it in them. I know this has probably been covered on the forum before, but I'm still finding my way around and thought it may be easier to just start it as a new topic. Are there any special considerations that I need to remember in the construction and subsequent quilting of it? For example: what needle size, what thread type/weight, is there a preferred stitch length that works well, wadding (batting)- wool, wool/poly mix? Should I pre wash the fabrics prior to starting? Because the Labyrinth pattern has such great areas that just cry for quilting, I'm hoping for the quilting to show some definition. I don't want the quilting to just merge into the background fabric. I will be doing it in pretty much the colours that the picture shows on the front of the pattern. In the darker blue, brown and cream. I'm hoping you can all steer me in the right direction with this one. Thanks in advance for your help, you quilting guru's!!