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Found 12 results

  1. PLEASE HELP! I am using dream puff and had it resting for three day and it still has bumps and wrinkles. You cannot put it in the dryer or steam like my other batting’s. Does anyone know what to do? Looked on Quilters Dream Site and would call but ,of course it’s a weekend and I need to get this done.
  2. I received and assembled my new APQS Lucey w/Quilt Path and had ordered the optional batting bar. It did not come with any instructions, so I made some up for anyone else who may run into this.
  3. I have a new wool duvet from Australia that I would like to use as batting in my granddaughters quilt, It's wool encased in 100% cotton cover. I have a Mille, will I have a problem quilting it if I use this as batting?
  4. Hello. I'm new to the site and longarm quilting. I'm wondering how you all charge for batting on an 80/20 roll of 96", when the quilt is smaller than 96"? Are you just charging per yard regardless of the extra that isn't used?
  5. I am about to put together an all batik (100% cotton) queen size top with a close weave 100% cotton backing ( much heavier then the top) for my son and wife called Circle dance. I have read many articles on batting and I am no wiser. However, with all my reading I have discovered that to make it cozy I need heIp. What would be the best batting for a floppy/flexable quilt that would be all season? Not to hot just warm. I guess I mean breathable. My son does not want it heavy either. Should I consider changing the backing? Attached a pic. Not using that red boader but a red and black print in
  6. I am quilt for a gal that is wanting to use 2 layers of warm & natural, need to know pros/cons. Do I need to adjust to a longer stitch length so that it does not create a tightness and cause it to pucker? All opinions welcome TIA, Diane on a Millie
  7. Hi Everyone I have a small longarm business and currently stock Warm & Natural and Warm & White batting. I would like to stock a poly for my clients but am at a loss which one to choose due to the choice out there. I would be grateful if you could let me have your thoughts on any you would recommend (or any that you would avoid). Many thanks in advance. Lynda
  8. Hi, I am moving my quilt studio to a storefront. I am considering as to whether I should sell quilt batting or quilt backings. If you sell batting or backings, do you find that profitable and what types of batting are your major seller and who do you get the quilt backing fabrics from. Thanks for all your input, Charlene
  9. With much thanks to our wonderful customers, Quilted Memories has moved 1 block south to 8015 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, Ks! Our phone is the same- 913-649-2704. After the consolidation of the warehouse and shop I find myself a bit long in individual packaged batting. So... order packaged batting on the website and receive a 50% discount! ( Price will be adjusted when order is processed and actual shipping charges will apply) http://webstore.quiltropolis.net/stores_app/Browse_dept_items.asp?Store_id=1006&Page_id=17&categ_id=39 Some other news: I am now accepting pre-orde
  10. This quilt will have a dark batik for the backing (the left side of the pic), off white muslin snowballs on the front with batik snowball corners (all the light and dark colors in the pic). Should I use black or off white for the batting? Thanks for your suggestions . 8-)
  11. what do you know about heatpress batting tape? Do you use it? Why or why not? Pros and cons? It seems like it would be great for using up all those leftover strips of batting. Thanks.
  12. What do you do with your left-over batting strips that are from 2" - 12" wide and several feet long? And all those plastic spools from the 2000-3000 yard cones? I don't want to waste anything. Maybe you have ideas I haven't thought of? 8-)
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