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Found 14 results

  1. looking to purchase used apqs turbo bobbin winder to wind bobbins for my george
  2. My 2011 Millennium has a bobbin winder mounted on the left side of the machine itself. A very exciting feature. The manual that came with the machine does not cover threading it. Does anyone know how the thread should run from the spool to the bobbin mechanism? Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. I’m looking for a used Turbo Bobbin Winder for L bobbins. Can’t afford a new one.
  4. Newbie here with her first used 2002 Millineum! It does not have the bobbin winder included. I am interested in your suggestions for the "L" bobbin. Would be delighted to purchase an electric winder if someone has one in good working order. Thanks for your advice!
  5. I originally purchased this machine in 2014. Now I am moving and I need to sell it. It has a 12 ft table with ruler base, a bobbin winder, all the manuals, a couching foot and conversion kit, and an HQ utility tray. It has been cleaned and serviced, and is ready to go. It quilts beautifully! I am asking $13,000 but I will entertain any reasonable offer. Please contact me at lstoker54@gmail.com. Thanks!
  6. Hi~ I have the bobbin winder that came with my APQS machine that I no longer use. Also have the zippers that go on to the leaders. Anyone interested?
  7. Help! I have a new Lucey, it works great with pre-wound bobbins, but you can't currently get the white bobbins pre-wound from Superior so I got some BottomLine to wind my own. I got the standard "deluxe" bobbin winder. APQS set it up for me in person, he wound one bobbin and it was wonky so he made an adjustment. I can NOT get it to wind properly!!!!! The thread seems to come out of the tensioner discs as soon as the thread starts being pulled through. Driving me crazy & I've wasted quite a bit of thread now. Any thoughts? I have 2 photos of a bobbin it wound (overwound imo), and then I did another but didn't take a photo - I stopped it part way in. I realize the thread isn't through the 2nd hole in the photo but it was when winding & this was my finger troubleshooting to see what was happening.... still can't figure out why/how but it's coming out of the tension discs. Thanks! Heather and sorry - these all flipped sideways when I attached them.
  8. Size M Bobbin Case - Brand New, Never Used = $35.00 + SH Stand Alone Bobbin Winder for Size M Bobbins - Great Condition and Gently Used for hobby quilting only = $85.00 + SH
  9. I've not posted for ages, but I need some help. I've checked through my APQS paperwork and can't find a thing about the bobbin winder! I just tried to wind a bobbin and nothing happens. The power point is ok, so I'm wondering if it's the fuse. I've taken two fuses out - does it normally need two? If only one, is the other one the spare? And if so, is it the fuse at the front or back of the box? Thanks for you help!
  10. I recently purchased a 26 Ansley on Hailey frame would like to upgrade to Phoenix frame...also looking for stand alone bobbin winder?
  11. In my search for a decent bobbin winder for M bobbins, I purchased 2 different winders, besides the one that came with my machine. That one, I never could get to wind bobbins properly! It is not like the ones APQS provides, because I have a different machine. So, I have 2 very good winders out of the 3. I only need to keep one good one and the original one that came with my machine, so am offering this one for sale. Ebay has a listing for this one right now, at around $89. http://www.ebay.com/itm/STAND-ALONE-AUTOMATIC-BOBBIN-WINDER-FOR-SEWING-MACHINES-AND-QUILTING-MACHINES-/271511775946?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f375ceaca The reason I did not pick this one to keep is because it is so very fast. There is a video on youtube showing how to use it. Thanks Debbie
  12. APQS Ultimate 1 longarm quilting machine Only $4000.00 non stitch regulated with a 26 inch throat. Located in No. California. This machine is in excellent condition, operates great and was for personal use only. This is a full size machine and will do king size quilts with ease. Machine is set up and can be test driven by appointment. The only reason for selling is to make room for a new machine. Local delivery and set up may be arranged. Otherwise, purchaser is responsible for pickup, transportation, and set up costs. Owners Manual 14' metal table Free standing bobbin winder 100 extra bobbins Bobbin thread cutter Electric fabric advance with foot pedal Quick grip fabric clamps Front and rear controls email a1122boogy@yahoo.com call 707-507-5252
  13. I'm having a recurring problem with the tension on my APQS Freedom, and I sure hope that someone can shed some light on it. I'm working on a customer quilt, and I've stopped completely about half way through because I just can't seem to get control of this. I've attached some pics (I hope) so that hopefully this will make sense. I'll be stitching along, everything seemingly fine, and then a little loop will appear among my top stitches. Sometimes one or two, and sometimes a lot within just a few inches of stitches. Some are very small, and will probably even out once the quilt is washed. Some, though, are more than I can allow to stay there, and some are making a mess on the back also. I will definitely have to go back and frog some areas and redo them because I can leave them as they are in good conscience. I've tried everything I can think of. I've switched spools of thread, and I've switched bobbins. I've rethreaded the machine. I've checked for burrs. I've endlessly changed tensions of the bobbin and of the top thread. I've put a piece of batting in the thread cone, and a piece in the hook guide above the thread cone. I've moved the position of the hook guide. I've cleaned and oiled, and changed the needle. This has happened before, by the way, and the only difference that I can think of is this: When I've done a quilt that is thicker, as in 2 layers of batting, this doesn't seem to happen. When I think back, I'm pretty sure that this has only happened on thinner quilts with just one layer of batting. In fact, just before I started this quilt, I did one of my own with double batting, and it didn't happen even once! Same thread. I've attached 3 pictures (I hope, I've never added attachments before). The turquoise one is the backing. I sure hope this will be a quick simple fix. I feel strongly that it has to do with the thickness of the quilt for some reason. Thanks!
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