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Found 17 results

  1. My machine is less than a year old but has made this noise for a while. I thought it was just normal but a month ago my mom was here and we went long arm shopping for her. When we went to the local apqs dealer I didn't hear hers doing it. I have been troubleshooting since. Here's a fast and slower video (just changed the machine not video speed - both are with sr off). both videos are unlisted but you should be able to view with the link what I've noted so far - When I oil the bobbin area it goes away for 5 minutes things with no effect - i have changed needles multiple times - i have used different threads - i have used different bobbins (manga glide, super bob, self wound) and different bobbin cases - I checked and cleaned the top of the machine (inside left panel) - my wicks are all properly oiled all the time i oil every bobbin change and lately more often, especially this last week hubs and kids were off work/school so I would oil every time I started even though the bobbin didn't change
  2. I am having problems with my bobbins warping. I am only using the ones sold at Viking dealers. December 2017 I took my machine to a service tech because I couldn’t figure out why I was having such problems with tention all of a sudden. I was able to get the bottom thread pulled up but then when I started to quilt it would just just lock up. The tech said there was nothing wrong with the machine itself and that my bobbin was warped! He did some minor adjustments. He said he didn’t know why they sold these aluminum bobbins. Of course, I know why they want you to keep buying them. Anyway, it is happening more frequently lately. Are there any other bobbins I can use in this machine that work? The one time I bought another m class bobbin, it was slightly different size and I was afraid to use so I took them back. I am very frustrated at this point. Could it be some adjustment I need to make on the thread winder? That is another story all together because the parts that screw into the base are stripped and so now I have to use a screwdriver to hold the thread with one hand and try to wrap and hold the thread around bobbin to get it started. By the way, I have had this machine since about 2016 and use it quite often. I do like the machine itself.
  3. Hello - new Lucey owner here and having fun practicing on her. Do any of you use Omni thread? And if so, what do you find works well in the bobbin. Thanks!
  4. I have a new smart bobbin winder, I am having nothing but problems with it. My bobbins look like birds nests. Followed the videos on threading and still having a difficult time .Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Help please. My bobbin thread is breaking. my Freddie will sew beautifully for about 3 to 4 inches and the bobbin thread breaks. Suggestions?
  6. Hi, I've had a lot of trouble with thread break, backlash etc since getting my new to me machine 3 months ago. It's run pretty well the last 6 or 7 quilts I've done with minimal thread break and good tension. I hadn't oiled the bobbin area in all that time as last time I did I got horrible backlash, loop and thread breaks. I oiled the bobbin area again last night and the same thing happened. I've attached a picture - it's almost like a chain stitch on the back! When I tighten the top tension the thread breaks immediately. Has anyone else had anything like this happen when they oil the machine?
  7. Starting to Quilt some material for a client for a stocking. Thicker fabric, I think it's duck cloth. Thread broke. Reloaded, checked tension and now the bobbin thread won't feed at all once loaded. The tension on the bobbin itself is fine. I took off the throat plate, cleaned and oiled and can't see any caught thread. When there is no thread the bobbin seems to spin smoothly. What am I not checking?
  8. Help! I have a new Lucey, it works great with pre-wound bobbins, but you can't currently get the white bobbins pre-wound from Superior so I got some BottomLine to wind my own. I got the standard "deluxe" bobbin winder. APQS set it up for me in person, he wound one bobbin and it was wonky so he made an adjustment. I can NOT get it to wind properly!!!!! The thread seems to come out of the tensioner discs as soon as the thread starts being pulled through. Driving me crazy & I've wasted quite a bit of thread now. Any thoughts? I have 2 photos of a bobbin it wound (overwound imo), and then I did another but didn't take a photo - I stopped it part way in. I realize the thread isn't through the 2nd hole in the photo but it was when winding & this was my finger troubleshooting to see what was happening.... still can't figure out why/how but it's coming out of the tension discs. Thanks! Heather and sorry - these all flipped sideways when I attached them.
  9. Long story short - I have a 2014 certified used Freedom. It has a M-bobbin. Due to some problems I was having, I have a L-hook assembly (sent courtesy of APQS) for Jim when he was here to help with my machine. He told me to hang onto it, in case I decided I wanted to change to an L if I was still having issues. I'm just wondering if I have to do anything special other than all the timing procedures & putting on the new hook. TIA!
  10. the bobbin thread has been giving me trouble more often than not...i have the tension balanced per Amy's suggestions; bobbin loose so all adjusting is done on top and when it works, the tension is actually quite good. the only problem now, however, is that my bobbin thread keeps getting wrapped around the bobbin latch. other times, it gets caught between the bobbin case and the bobbin race. This happens with all sorts of thread; glide, sew fine, cotton/poly... we retimed the machine a few months ago, could i have left a tad too much space by the bobbin finger thing? thanks.. jackie
  11. I purchased a used Millennium. It is probably a 2005. It came with a VHS tape and a manual. The manual does not tell me which direction the thread needs to go when putting the bobbin in the case. I have looked on forum,YouTube and online search and nowhere can I find the answer to what should be an easy question. I am getting goobers on back of quilt. Did find video on Quilty that said culprit could be bobbin put in wrong direction. Which way does it go?
  12. I have both the metal and the aluminum bobbins for my Millennium. I also have metal bobbins for my Juki that look exactly like the metal ones for my Millennium. Are they interchangeable? I'm having trouble telling them apart -- but I don't want to mess up either machine. Karii Schell Brooklyn Park MN APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter www.onpointquilter.com
  13. I had a customer bring me thread, im using cotton thread, alum bobbin,bobbin tension loose ( shake and 10" drop) request batting. I have fiddled with tension ,screw is slightly past , sticking out on knob, tension is still uneven, what next? Should I loosen bobbin or rethread through holes? Thanks in advance for help.
  14. I'm having a recurring problem with the tension on my APQS Freedom, and I sure hope that someone can shed some light on it. I'm working on a customer quilt, and I've stopped completely about half way through because I just can't seem to get control of this. I've attached some pics (I hope) so that hopefully this will make sense. I'll be stitching along, everything seemingly fine, and then a little loop will appear among my top stitches. Sometimes one or two, and sometimes a lot within just a few inches of stitches. Some are very small, and will probably even out once the quilt is washed. Some, though, are more than I can allow to stay there, and some are making a mess on the back also. I will definitely have to go back and frog some areas and redo them because I can leave them as they are in good conscience. I've tried everything I can think of. I've switched spools of thread, and I've switched bobbins. I've rethreaded the machine. I've checked for burrs. I've endlessly changed tensions of the bobbin and of the top thread. I've put a piece of batting in the thread cone, and a piece in the hook guide above the thread cone. I've moved the position of the hook guide. I've cleaned and oiled, and changed the needle. This has happened before, by the way, and the only difference that I can think of is this: When I've done a quilt that is thicker, as in 2 layers of batting, this doesn't seem to happen. When I think back, I'm pretty sure that this has only happened on thinner quilts with just one layer of batting. In fact, just before I started this quilt, I did one of my own with double batting, and it didn't happen even once! Same thread. I've attached 3 pictures (I hope, I've never added attachments before). The turquoise one is the backing. I sure hope this will be a quick simple fix. I feel strongly that it has to do with the thickness of the quilt for some reason. Thanks!
  15. Good morning. i parked my machine last night after finishing a quilt. I started her up this morning, loaded a new quilt, put new bobbin in and broke a needle...inserted another, broke it again. Checked bobbin and oh my goodness, the black holder is loose and turning all of its own. that little black arm that I assume holds the bobbin in place is loose and detached. i tried to put it back in place and tighten it up, but the machine won't stitch.....what is happening, how did this happen and what can I do to fix it? Please...i am so backlogged with work, can't affort this down time. Help please
  16. I don't know what I would do without this forum. So much thread! So many colours! So many kinds! I'm just starting, so I've been sticking with Glide thread for now. It was recommended to me, and I really like it. So far, I just have six basic colours, and it was easy to order the top thread plus the M size bobbins that went along with the same colour kit. I'd sure like to play with some different colours, but not all of the colours offer pre-wound bobbins to match. I could wind my own, but isn't bobbin thread usually thinner than the top thread? Does my top thread have to match my bobbin thread?
  17. I have a small piece of thread left in the bobbin holder on the bottom of the machine. Not the bobbin case but the part that holds that. I got it cleaned out once and started sewing again and it happened again. So I'm thinking there is some still stuck in there. Can i take out the grey piece that holds it? or is there a way to clean this area? I'm pretty new and trying to learn all the "correct" ways. Thank you, Lisa in MO
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