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Found 2 results

  1. Second time trying to free-motion (Millie) a collage top where the customer has used steam-a-seam and I can only stitch very slow and only go forward or to the right. Going backwards, stitches will skip. But if I’m stitching forward then need to turn right (outlining a nose for example) my needle will break and I will get a small tear in the backing! I’m going very very slow The collage may have up to four layers of Steam-a-seam. I would like to finish quilting this top, what can I do to stop the needle breaking (hopefully no more holes in the backing)? I have no problem when customers use either wonder-under or Soft Fuse. Lynda Millie since 2014
  2. Help all you experts out there. I was quilting along earlier when all of a sudden I heard a thud and looked down to see the needle had fallen out of my machine. I stopped. Changed the needle and was on my way. The needle was not broken. Five minutes later there was an awful plunk and I looked at the needle and it was also out of the head and broken off. The machine sounded awful then just went off. Everything was stuck. Figured I then blew a fuse. I could not get the fuse drawer out. I will have to wait for my DH to get home and help me on that. Now the big problem is the sharp end of the needle is wedged diagonally between the hook and whatever else is down there. Here is a pic. The bobbin case came out but the bobbin itself with thread will not. I've removed the needle plate to try and access it from above. The piece stuck won't budge even with tweezers. The hand wheel won't move it. I've tried getting it out from below also and it won't budge. Any suggestions? And I suppose I will have to retime it when I get it out?? Oh and of course the pic is sideways. Sorry I don't know how to turn it around on my iPad.