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Found 3 results

  1. I am having a bit of trouble making my channel locks stay in place. I am assuming there is a way to adjust these? Someone referred to a file or text about it.....where would I find a file telling me, or showing me how to adjust them? Thanking you in advance!!!!!!!!! Janice in Northern Minnesota
  2. 2009 Millennium for sale with 12 ' table. barely used, stitch regulator, auto needle positioner, quilt glide, power fabric advance, thread cutter, needle up/down, channel locks, lazer light stylus, turbo bobbin winder. Includes Quiltazoid, Ruler Mate, extended throat plate, several rulers, and other misc items, including Hartley Fence. Bliss and quilting computers may be added to this machine. Machine never used for commercial purposes. Selling due to health issues. Payment via Cashiers check required. Asking $10,800.00, you arrange for packaging and pay for shipping or pick up. Located in Northwest PA. Contact via email: lizh27@gmail.com Looking for a machine, make an offer, willing to deal! 15 miles west of Erie, Pa.
  3. I was playing around with my machine today, trying out some things.... I made one big long horizontal line to match my top up to ( as a straight edge/square guide) and then noticed that it looked a little crooked - like..noticeably crooked.. So then I moved my machine down a cm or two, and did a parallel line along side it to see. Quite a bit of difference - this line was crooked too, but in different spots.. And then of course, i wanted to see if that 2nd line was any straighter, so I did another parallel line. Well, 6 lines in and I'm not bettter. What the heck? I'm not sure I want to trust these lines now. That, and I chose this machine based on the ability to do straight line quilting. Any ideas for me? Could it be the speed I was going - the stitch regulator? Is it maybe the way I'm holding the handles while I zoom down the rails? I have another quilt on the frame at the moment so cannot play with it tonight some more, but am puzzled by this. Maybe there is something I did wrong?
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