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Found 5 results

  1. I am selling a Hartley Fence with added accessories listed below. Asking price is $350.00 (retail value over $850.00) Hartley Fence ($595 retail) The Fence is a longarm quilting attachment that lets you to quilt perfect diagonal lines, circles and intricate designs. The Hartley Fence includes a fully adjustable fence guide with metal straight edge that will not warp or wear, an idler arm and wheel. Also includes, circle attachment for making any size circle up to 22 inches in diameter. The Hartley Fence mounts directly to your table frame and rolls along the table to make posi
  2. Does anyone know if it is possible to purchase a digital quilting pattern for a plain circle? I've been searching, but I haven't found anything like that. I have a client that wants circles quilted around certain elements of her quilt, and I don't want them to be wobbly from quilting them freehand.
  3. This Hartley Fence does fit a Bliss table. It's used for making circles and diagonal lines. It was previously listed at $330. I was unable to change the title of the previous listing to show that all offers will be seriously considered, so I'm resisting this item. I purchased this in late 2013 with longarm machine. I ended up doing more t-shirt/memory quilts than quilt tops, so I haven't had need of this accessory. It does fit a Bliss Table. Asking $330 (includes shipping via USPS Priority Mail), but I will accept best offer! This accessory retails for $595. A Hartley Fence ph
  4. Hi, Please check out our new Circle Thingy at: http://circlelordcirclethingy.blogspot.ca/ Like 125 circle templates. Thank you, Michael Price LIst and Index http://circlelordindex.blogspot.com/
  5. I made a quilt for my husband every Christmas. Sometimes (well, usually) he get's it a day late! This year I decided to master templates on the machine (I did them on my old machine, but hadn't gotten the hang of them on the millie yet) & use those circle templates I bought at MQS last year. So on Christmas Eve at 5pm, I loaded his quilt, said a few choice words, opened up my books & finished Christmas evening. Once I figured out to to start at 7 o clock & go clockwise around the template & to use rubber cement to hold the templates- it worked like a dream. I'm very happy
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