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Found 4 results

  1. I'm selling my circle lord boards and my r&s boards SOLD. The circle lord boardsare $200.00 for each set. They are queen size. I also am selling my turbo bobbin winder $235.00 it is new. I have only used it a few times. I lost my son from a heart attack two weeks ago. That is why i am selling these items. I also have a set of red snappers for sale $50.00 And a pair of ginger rotary cutters $45.00. Roller brake for a Millie $45.00 and a blue CL board that does a square design $45.00. Plus shipping Please contact me at 330-620-0150 or email me at Thank you, Marti
  2. I want to sell my 2009 Millie she is on a 10 foot table she has all of the bells and whistles. I just lost my husband on Feb 21st and I have to think of a way to stay in our home. I have a lot of CL boards and the CL system, R&S boards, Pantos. It also has a over head lighting system, quilt glide, fabric advance stitch regulator, lazor lights. Price $14,500.00 OBO for everything. Who ever buys it will have to take it apart and pick it up at my house in Ohio. I love this machine it sews a beautiful stitch and it runs so nice. I hate to part with it but I just have to. You can call me also if interested at 330-927-0101.
  3. I am selling these items because my dear husband passed away on Feb 21st. Other wise I would never sell my Millie, I love that machine. I just got hit with a couple big expenses over the past couple of weeks. Items priced separately. I have attached some pictures I have more pictures if anyone wants to see something they like and I don't have a picture posted of the item. 2009 Millie on a ten foot table, she does such a beautiful job $11,500.00 $11,000.00 and you pay for shipping or come to my house and take her apart. SOLD I am selling my Singer 99 the year she was made was 1949. She is beautiful $350.00 plus $50.00 S/H The Circle Lord system with the front stylus attachment and the back attachment - $400.00 new price $300.00 Prices on my Circle Lord boards Smoke free and pet free sewing studio. (I have a little dog but he isn't allowed in my sewing studio) Red snappers - $50.00 plus S/H Baptist fan - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H Rose Bud - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H SOLD Ginko and book - $75.00 plus S/H Curved Crosshatch - $100.00 plus S/H SOLD Jester - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H Star Dance - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H Star Burst 17" - $100.00 plus S/H SOLD Aztec - $75.00 plus S/H Featherz 12" - $75.00 plus S/H Feather single board - $50.00 plus S/H Cosmo - $250.00 $225.00 plus S/H Squarz 18" - $100.00 plus S/H Antique Lace - $150.00 plus S/H Oliso Iron - $125.00 $115.00 plus S/H Baby Lock Grace sewing machine fun machine to take to classes - $275.00 new price $250.00 plus S/H I also have some pantos I will sell. I will post the designs as soon as I look at them. If interested please contact me here or email me at Thank you, Marti
  4. Just off the frame is Sherbert Fizz, although I think it looks more like a Tequila Sunrise. CL boards used in the swirlz design. The up close photo makes it look like the piecing is askew, and no, I was not drinking TS! Just bad camera taking skills. Quilted in Glide, in the Linen colour so that it transitioned well across the different fabrics. Thanks for looking. DSCN0525 by Heritage Keepsakes, on Flickr DSCN0522 by Heritage Keepsakes, on Flickr