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Found 11 results

  1. I am a new QP owner. Got it last month. Since the time I got it, I have watched ALL the Youtube videos available many times. I have read all of Thread Waggles written tutorials. I have copied all of the manual and read through it. I have uploaded QP to my laptop. I have read for many hours and taken notes. I have used it on two quilts and a plain muslin. Still, I find a lot of information VERY lacking. For instance: "Placement Methods", Page 12. It shows a drawing of EXACTLY what happened when I tried to place a pattern inside an odd-sized shape. The pattern doesn't fill it up in the picture. I turn to Page 13 to see what to do, and there is nothing more on the subject. Where can I go to find -- or buy -- more tutorials on how to use Quilt Path? Surely, one doesn't have to wait for classes that only occur a few times a year. My quilts can't wait for that. The person who installed it for me didn't know much about it herself, so I can't really call her. She didn't install the QP carriage correctly either. WHO can I call? WHERE can I go? WHAT can I buy? Any information would be very much appreciated. Joy
  2. Hello everyone. I have not been on the forum for awhile. You may know I have relocated A Quilter's Choice- APQS West to Littleton, CO. I am posting my March class list. It would be great to have you come for classes and or visit the store. I still have my website and it is going through a change over since Websites sold out. If you have any issues with this is taking place let me know. Happy Quilting Myrna Ficken, Owner & Quilt Artist Neat Idea’s Workshop March 11, 2016 5:00—8:00 PM How Do I Quilt This? Has this ever crossed your mind? What am I going to do on this quilt? Bring your tops that have you stumped and at a loss. Myrna Ficken, award winning quilter will share ideas for quilting them. You will be amazed once you see it through different eyes and get your creativity rolling. You’ve seen quilts hanging at shows and said, “I would have never thought of that or what a great way to do this.” But you just can’t see it when you are standing in front of the quilt you have to do NOW! Bring those tops; Myrna has so many ideas to energize your imagination. Bring paper, pencil, camera welcome Workshop Fee: $10.00 Machine Rental Certification Class March 1, 2016, 4-8:00 PM or March 2, 2016 10-2:00 PM Isn’t it time you learn to quilt your own quilts? In the renters’ certification class, you will learn all about using our machines. How to operate the longarm, threading, bobbins and tension. How to prepare your quilt for the longarm and load a quilt to the frame perfectly. Setting up a pantograph pattern and advance your quilt. Eve- rything you need will be provided in class. Get your confident on. This class qualifies you to rent time on our top of the line APQS machines! Class Fee: $130.00 includes everything needed Fill It Up Class March 8, 2016 10:00—2:00 PM Looking for background fills? Myrna will teach you many background de- signs that you can use on your quilts. Many tips on where to put them, mix- ing them together and size. Learn how easy it is to transition in and out of an area. This is a fun, fast paced class. Bring paper and pencil. Class Fee: $100.00 Silk Fibers Scarf March 5 or 12, 2016 10:00—5:00 PM This is a fun, creative and unique longarm class (can be done on DSM as well). You’ll be creating something beautiful to wear, a summer silk fiber scarf. Class Fee: $135.00(includes Kit fee ) optional items available for purchase Finish It Up Friday March 25, 2016 Noon—8 PM Girls time out! Bring your unfinished projects, your sewing machine and sewing supplies. Enjoy finishing up those projects with other friends or make new ones.. Limited space so register early if you want to join us. Bring a lunch or snacks. $10.00 Fee Intro to Pantostacker; Class taught by Brenda Shreve, Owner-Operator at Red Barn Quilting / APQS Oklahoma March 21, 2016 (morning session) Start Time: 9:00—12:00 PM (Afternoon session) same class Start Time: 1:30—4:30 PM This class provides the tools for using the Pantostacker portion of Quilt Path. Even if you are current using Pan- tostacker, come join us to get the most from your Quilt Path. Learn the ins and outs of each level of Panto- stacker. Use Pantostacker to get those quilt tops done faster and better than ever before. Quilt Path will do the math, adjust the size of patterns and set the patterns just where you want them with ease. Learn the se- quencing needed to accomplish those edge to edge patterns that will help you turn quilt tops into quilts. Pantos are the Bread and Butter of longarm quilting, this class will give you the boost to get the job done. There will be hands on demos quilting with Quilt Path helping you gain the confidence needed today. Class Fee:$150. Per Student PATTERN CAD Part 1,Class taught by Brenda Shreve, Owner-Operator at Red Barn Quilting / APQS Oklahoma March 22, 2016 9:00—12:00 PM Get the most out of your Quilt Path by exploring the world of Pattern Cad. Learning re- sizing, redesigning, importing, drawing and merging will help discover the unlimited possibilities of your new computer system. This is just a quick jump start to the new world of quilting you have entered. You will also get hands on demos not just lec- tures. Come join me to get the most from your investment. Class Fee $150.00 Per Student PATTERN CAD Part 2, Class taught by Brenda Shreve, Owner-Operator at Red Barn Quilting / APQS Oklahoma March 22, 2016 1:30—4:30 PM Pattern Cad 2 class will allow you to explore all that Quilt Path Pattern Cad has to offer. Join me and learn the ins and outs of Quilt Path in a fun and interactive way. You will discover how to use mirrors to transform design into endless combi- nations. Manipulating and editing designs is an easy way to make changes to fit your needs. Gaining detailed knowledge of the drawing features will enable you to create original designs and much much more. Make your investment work for you. Class Fee $150.00 Per Student
  3. Hi. I've been away for a while, doing some serious longarm quilting, and creating some new things. After several days running, I stopped accepting replies on the EQ7 Training Survey, and published the results on my blog. I also attach an image of the summary here. Please let me know if you are interested in the results, or if you interpret differently the results I summarized on my blog post. I am open to others' opinions, as I am not a professional statistician, nor a pollster. I want to share the results of the EQ7 Training Survey I announced a while back here on the forum. Based on traffic to that post on my blog, there seems to be quite a bit of interest in live, recorded online webinars to learn EQ7. Nobody is doing this, anywhere; mine will be a new way of learning EQ7! Note: I attach the image of the EQ7 Training Survey Results. I invite you to share it widely; I also would love to read your comments about my interpretation of the results! Another learning option is to attend in person one of the hands-on classes (I will be teaching those, too). However, for many of us, precious time is hard to dedicate to traveling, and even harder to justify motel/hotel, meals, etc. Online webinars are a great option, however. I will make the recordings of the webinars available to attendees for a specific time frame after I upload the finished videos to my website. I look forward to your comments! Meanwhile, I invite you to read the Survey Results on my blog, Learning to Quilt. I am also dedicating 2 brand-new websites to my EQ7 Training effort: EQ7 Training, which will include everything else that is not webinars, such as free tips, lessons, patterns, etc. EQ7 Training Videos, which will be the place where I announce upcoming webinar dates, and dates for my weekly EQ7 Training Office Hours. Thank you for your attention! Al
  4. Hi. I am new to the Forums. I am Al Navas, EQ7 Instructor. I live in NW Missouri. I wanted to share the following, as there might be some interest here. I published on my blog this morning: An announcement of an EQ7 webinar interest survey. I you are interested in the online webinars, I invite you to participate in the survey. I also published a new page on the blog, describing the courses I will offer. My blog is Learning to Quilt. You can find it at Thank you! Al
  5. Tuesday May 26, 12-5 Beginning freehand $125.00 and Monday June 22. 12-5. $125.00 This is a beginner level class in which you will learn some fun techniques.Fillers of, flowers, and other freehand designs that can be used on any quilt. Fast and easy edge-to-edge designs. Only just the beginning of the fun. Supplies needed Paper and pencil Provided by APQS West Fabric, batting, thread. Tuesday June 30. 12-5 $150. Fill Er Up background designs You will learn many filler designs that will be done on a modern quilt top that is provided for you to quilt and to take home. Mix and match to create you very own style. This will be a fun and rewarding class. Supplies needed Pencil and paper. Provided by APQS West Quilt top, batting, thread, (backing will be muslin) Contact Myrna Ficken A Quilter's Choice LLC / APQS West 144 W. Brigham RD, Suite 20 St. George, UT 84790 435-414-2026 Showroom 435-229-2703 Mobile
  6. Good morning! Please, if I am posting this in the wrong place let me know. I am heading out with my APQS Lenni to cities across Southern Ontario this spring sharing my love of longarm quilting!! You can check out the class descriptions, cities and dates on my website . (the site is under construction so it isn't that pretty but the content is there ) You can also email or call 905-435-8720 for more information.
  7. I am as always looking forward to the Houston quilt show this year. Is there going to be any classes from APQS for George owners? I noticed last year there were classes for APQS but nothing for us George owners. I noticed some competitors had lots of classes for sit down model owners and was hoping APQS would do the same for George owners. Any word?
  8. As part of our commitment to bring longarm support to APQS owners across Canada, our educators are going to be offering classes across the country! Our Travelling Road Show will now include beginner and intermediate longarm quilting classes. October is packed full of classes in Edmonton & Calgary AB, Nanaimo BC, Port Coquitlam BC, Abbotsford BC, Toronto ON, Swan River MB... I can't believe there is still space available in Claudia Pfeil's classes at CreativFestival Toronto October 24-26. See a full list of our upcoming Road Shows and Classes here: Our crew is bringing our longarm quilting machines to you! Get your hands on our quilting machines and discover the model that is right for you. Want to know more about our Road Shows? Click here. Below are the upcoming Road Shows coming to a city near you. Nanaimo, British Columbia - Tuesday, October 7, 2014 from 6 p.m - 9 p.m. Best Western Dorchester Hotel 70 Church Street Nanaimo, BC V9R H4 Click to register for the roadshow An Introduction to Longarm Quilting class: The 5 Layers of the quilt Date: Tuesday, October 7 Time: 1pm - 4pm Click here to register for this class Port Coquitlam, British Columbia - Thursday, October 9, 2014 from 6 p.m - 9 p.m. Poco Inn & Suites 1545 Lougheed Hwy. Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 1A5 Click to register for the roadshow We will also be teaching additional longarm classes on October 8-9 Click here to register for classes Abbotsford, British Columbia - Friday, October 10, 2014 from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. Best Western Plus Regency Inn 32110 Marshall Road Abbotsford, BC V2T 1A1 Click to register for the roadshow APQS Beginner Class ABBOTSFORD, BC - October 10 Date: Friday, October 10 Time: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Fee: Free for new owners ($200 Value) Click here to register for this class What you'll learn at an APQS Road Show Designed for quilters who do not currently own a longarm machine, our Road Show includes valuable information about owning your first longarm.Discover resources for templates, batting, instruction manuals, wholesale contacts, thread and more! Find out where to buy pantograph patterns, books and stencils to make your longarm quilting fun and hassle-free. Learn business philosophies, products and services, pricing, marketing and income forecasting (You'll even get a sample business plan.) Explore the differences between each APQS model. Learn which accessories are the "gotta haves" to make your quilting fast and easy. Learn how to oil, clean and service your machine to provide years of quilting fun Exclusive discounts to attendees - Save up to $4,000. We have exclusive discounts available to Road Show attendees. Don't miss out, reserve your spot today! We hope to see you at our next show! The APQS Road Show Crew
  9. Join us in Sunny Florida for fall classes with Claudia. We have four APQS machines and only 12 spaces in each class! Hurry and get yours today! Our Long Arm Training facility is spacious and beautiful with an attached classroom and kitchen! We are conveniently located on 2 miles from the Orlando Airport with many near by hotels and restaurants! Classes are $135 each. Special price $799 for all! Lecture only $55, Trunk Show only $10 Wednesday, October 22, 2014 Day 1 - 9am-Noon.................A2Z(et) 1pm-4pm.................Gambling with Echoes Thursday, October 23, 2014 Day 2 - 9am-Noon...Claudia's Fantastic Free Motion Sashings, Border and Patchwork 1pm-4pm.......Bubbles, Curves and Straight Lines 6pm-9pm.......What to Quilt on This Quilt?(lecture) Friday, October 24, 2014 Day 3 - 9am-Noon....(P)fun (P)feiling (P)feathers 1pm-4pm....Ornamental (P)fun (P)feiling (P)feathers 6:30pm.............Slide/Trunk Show
  10. Registration has opened for AQS Des Moines . Be sure to register for your spot in my classes. It will be here so quickly.
  11. Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year. I have a general question of you all. I am a newbie and plan on attending NEQF 2013 in Manchester in April. What do you recommend for a newbie to do as far as classes..i.e. how many classes, which ones are most helpful and what you would not recommend as far as number of classes, etc. Any advice would be appreciated. I need to get registered SOON. Thanks so much.