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Found 17 results

  1. Hi! I have an assortment of Long arm books I am ready to pass on. They are $5 each, plus shipping, or $40 for all of them. These are the titles: Free motion designs for Allover Patterns by various authors Free Motion Block Designs by various authors Sampler quilt Smackdown by Bethanne Nemesh Step by Step Free Motion quilting by Christina Cameli No Mark Quilting Designs by Nan Moore 75 Quilting Patterns by Helen Squire The art of Feather quilting by Judy Allen The Ultimate Guide to Longarm machine quilting by Linda V. Taylor Formal Feathers 101 by Sherry Rogers Harrison Long Arm Machine Quilting by Carol A Thelen I also have 65 prewound L size bobbins in assorted colors From Fil Tec Clear Glide for $20 plus shipping. Please email me at quiltingbird2@gmail.com if you are interested. Include your zip so I can estimate shipping charges for you.
  2. Hi, I was going through all my long arm accumulation of stuff and I have 2 items that I will give away for free if you pay the shipping. The first is a DVD is a Claudi Pfeil video on how to do feathers. The other item is a Quick Zip System from the Quilting Connection. First come first serve!
  3. Hi, I was going through all my long arm accumulation of stuff and I have 2 items that I will give away for free if you pay the shipping. The first is a DVD is a Claudi Pfeil video on how to do feathers. The other item is a Quick Zip System from the Quilting Connection. First come first serve!
  4. Made the decision to buy Lucey after the AQS QuiltWeek in Paducah. Took a lesson with Angela Huffman in Louisville 3 weeks ago on her in-store Lucey to seal the deal. Did all the quilting on this lap-sized quilt in about 2.5 hours that day, which convinced me to complete the purchase! (My wife had done the blocks some years ago; I assembled the top before that lesson.) As a practice quilt, I'm pretty amazed. And then I just got the machine this week. Here's my first at-home work, a practice piece for the border on another quilt that my wife already has waiting to go. Thanks again to Angela for her class last week on feathers!
  5. This was a quick small custom I squeezed in for an online quilting friend Wanda - it is going into her guild show next April! I had a lot of fun playing with this - you all know how much I LOVE negative space! She provided Warm and Natural cotton batting and I used Bottom Line thread by Superior Threads. It is my absolute favorite thread for custom quilting! The curly swirl designs (I'm not sure what to call them!) in each of the open white corners was free hand drawn whit invisible ink and then I just free handed over what I drew and pebbled around them to give them a trapunto look. 20150818_095746 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20150818_095243 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20150816_001409 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr 20150818_095910 by Valerie Smith, on Flickr Including a little peek at the back because I know I don't always think to show it. I had one little hiccup I had to rip where I hit the wrong button and started stitching a million miles a second when I meant to needle down! Pulled that out and the rest I'm really happy with!
  6. I was stressing about how to quilt this, and decided to keep it relatively simple and traditional. I'm almost done with this giant! NINETY baskets!
  7. This quilt is my mother's. She hand-embroidered the hearts approximately fifteen years ago, ran across them and decided to set it together into a quilt top last year. She trusted me with it for the transformation from flimsy to full-fledged quilt. I hope she'll love it!
  8. Here are a some photos of the latest embroidery quilt I finished. It was a fun quilt and it just came together so well. I used Quilters Dream Wool to keep the texture. This quilt has inspired me to make the quilt for myself. thanks - star
  9. Here are two more quilts I finished this week. These are mine. Both are wall hangings. Monday was a very productive day! The first quilt is from a class I took at the guild learning how to make a Bargello quilt. I have been collecting Black, White and Red fabrics to make a large Bargello quilt but after making this little one I might find another use for the black and white fabric. lol The second quilt is an appliqué which I adapted to look like my cat, Indy. He's a Champagne Burmese. The pattern was a Siamese cat with blue eyes and a blue background. Since Indy has gold/green eyes and darker fur I changed the colors of the quilt. Thank you to Vickie Oliver and Judy Ingram for helping with fabric choices on this one. You girls rock! IMG_0681 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0684 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0684 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0685 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0696 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0689 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
  10. I had the opportunity yesterday to visit a display of quilts from the "prestigious London Victoria & Albert Museum" on display here in Brisbane Australia. The Australian Museum in Canberra has also allowed the "Rajah Quilt" to be displayed for the duration. This quilt is very significant to Australian Quilters. No pictures are allowed so sorry can't show you anything. My pages of scribbled diagrams don't do it justice either. BUT can you imagine an almost 60 year sitting on the floor in front of a 1725 coverlet that was equisitely emboidered with back stitches that would make any machine quilter or longarmer drool. The feathers 1/4" wide in wonderful formations of Dianne Gaudynski's vases, Jamie Wallen flurries etc. Freehanded baptist fan type spirals like Angela Walters, Judy Madsen only 1/4" apart. No they are not new ideas we are now using, it was hard to believe the top is almost 300 years old. Security hovered close by but I think they might be used to people propping and drooling.
  11. I am attending a quilting retreat at the end of this month. The theme is 25 shades of Purple. This year we are having a block exchange, so we had to make 25 half square triangles blocks. One half a purple fabric, the other half quilters muslin which we could then decorate. The unfinished size of these blocks are 6 1/2" I have decorated 28 so I can keep a few of my own to put into my quilt, will make some more blocks too so it can be a decent size quilt. So what does this quilter decorate her blocks with. Feathers of course.... these are my favourite four blocks. The others are on my blog. I also plan on printing them off two to a page and laminating them so customers can see a variety of feather styles.
  12. I recently finished a star wall hanging quilt for the piecing classes I teach. I try & use these samples to experiment with new designs & really push myself on the longarm. With this quilt I decided to really push myself & quilt the "bump back" feathers I've been practicing, but haven't actually applied anywhere! Needless to say, I'm very happy with the result! I also use Lisa Sipes' triple stitch design in the white background. Wow that took a long time, but definately worth the work in the end! You can read more about it on my blog. Thanks!
  13. This quilt pattern is called Mod Pop. It is made with my favorite batik fabrics and quilted with freehand feathers. Love the curved design and retro look. This is the first quilt I have found time to make and quilt for myself this year, need to make sure I take more time to work on my own projects. I love quilting for a business but it really does cut into my own quilting time! As you can see spring is still a long way off here!
  14. Oh my gawsh!!! Finally!!! I am so happy I finally have something that resemble decent feathers!!! I would never use these on anything, I mean they are just goofing around practice feathers, but what I'm thrilled about is finally getting back to the spine!!! James if you're reading - it was car wax!!! Watched the dvd that came with our old machines and we can use car wax on our old aluminum frames. It made a world of difference!!! I'm going to make this a routine for each quilt...clean wheels and wax to clean the rails/track, not sure what it's called. Anyhow posting a picture of the peacock feather that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and the wompely feathers just to show the progress. If you've been following my posts...today marks TWO WEEKS since I brought my APQS Ultimate 1 home. I am SO SO SO SO SO happy!!! - Valerie
  15. I just finished this top - it's my fourth since getting my machine. I'm so excited! I can see such a huge improvement. Those feathers are still a struggle but these are worlds better and I think just forcing myself to do them even if they are ugly is the trick. I also need to plan where they start a little better. I'm getting there, thrilled to see the improvement! What would you do for your quilts - would you use a more blending thread for the feathers? I love the texture of this thread for the paisley but the feathers...ugh...would a different thread help? I used Isacord - I have two or three shades of So Fine! but nothing dark enough to really blend in...maybe I should have waited.
  16. Finished this one recently. Pieced by Marilyn Murray. A few pictures here, more on my blog, http://rosecityquilter.wordpress.com/ Also trying to post from flicker, hope it works!
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