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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there ,I am looking to sell my baby lock crown jewel 2 with a ton of extras and the free motion frame. It has an 18 inch throat but unlike other machines it allows for an extra 3" of quilting space because of the motorized frame. The frame is a 12 ft frame with cloth leaders and zipper attachments for quilting. It is locate in brunswick ohio south of cleveland. Purchased in march of 2015 and in need of selling to a good home by april of 2017. if you are in the market for this particular combo you could save a good chunk of money as I have calculated for more than 2 times the depreciated value since I have purchased it. She is amazing , light weight and does well quilting at higher speeds. have never had an issue with her and love this brand, but we are a military family and moving soon and are not able to take her with us. Itemized report: New What I paid Depreciation Baby Lock CJ 2 11,999.99 10,999.99 Momentum Frame 4,999.99 3,999.99 2 ft Frame Extension 699.99 499.99 as of today at 15months-1250 Micro Handles 459.99 459.99 as of next march -2000 Cloth Leaders 129.99 129.99 Zipper System 159.99 159.99 what I am willing to give today -2561.56 Secondary Zippers 54.99 50.99 Ruler Base 119.99 105.99 Tax on subtotal 1489.99 1311.56 Total: 20,114.91 17,718.48 What I am asking: 15,156.92 Total savings from new: 4957.99 Dimensions: 12.4" wide/40" Deep 18" throat on crown jewel. Bobbin Winder included 120" wide quilting space ​
  2. Hi All, I have been reading in some posts about people looking for more information/ tutorials/videos on the George. I just wanted to throw it out there that I started a blog about my quilting journey, primarily on the George. I know APQS has posted a few of my blog post, but for those of you who haven't found me, my website is www.TheQuiltJournal.com . I have done some videos using different rulers and often write about products or things that have helped me. I have several George owners that join in and I have to say , I have learned as much form them(or more ) as they from me, often suggesting new things to try . Having said that- nothing is better than the APQS Forum for putting your questions out there. We have such a wealth of knowledge in our members who are always willing to help. I know I certainly have come to the forum many, many times! Anyway please check out my blog if you are looking for more information about quilting on a sit down longarm or just some more quilting camaraderie! Debbie
  3. I purchased a used APQS Millenium the day after Thanksgiving. After doing some all over quilting designs for a few quilts and taking a class on quilting negative space from Angela Walters, I dove in and had a lot of fun densely quilting my Foothills Mystery Quilt (created by Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs). A simple snowbank and a bit of sunlight across a corner of the quilt starts to give you an idea of the texture and quilting detail that I put into the quilt. I do not have any idea of the total number of hours I spent on the quilting; it was a lot. I worked on the quilting over 3 days, and I was inspired to try a lot of new patterns and ideas after taking Angela Walters’ Quilting Negative Space workshop at QuiltCon. I used a wishbone pattern around the borders, a square spiral at each corner, swirl hooks in the negative space around the blocks, a large swirl hook in the center of each diamond surrounded by a small rounded meander to help the swirl hook poof and pop up, back and forth lines in the diamonds and stars (alternating the direction of the lines for each pattern), and a different FMQ pattern for each row of the gray blender. Whew! I used 50wt Aurifil #2692 (black) on the black and gray, and 50wt Auriful #2130 (medium butter) on the yellow and to sew down the binding. The thread blended perfectly into the quilt, and I really had a lot of fun adding in lots of dense quilting details across the quilt. I got more confident with the small swirl hook meander pattern as time went on, but because I made the pattern so small it took a lot of time and an entire large spool of Aurifil to quilt just the black portion of the quilt. Adding in the amount of the medium butter thread I used, the quilt has roughly 1990 yards or just over a mile of thread just in the quilting. Many more photos and details on the entire process can be read about in my blog post.
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