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Found 7 results

  1. I'm negotiating with a potential buyer for my lenni. Here's a couple of questions for you Millie owners who have removed the thread cutter: 1. Does the standard Hartley base fit on the Millie if the thread cutter is removed? 2. This may be a silly question: Without the thread cutter, are there wires to deal with? Does it attach to the housing, such that the housing is in tact after the cutter is removed. Maybe just a picture of Millie's side after the thread cutter is removed will fully answer this question. Thanks so much!!
  2. I'm getting my new Millie in 4 days and I can't wait to try out EVERYTHING she can do... but all the gadgets and gizmos are pricey and I understand many quilters buy tools that the end up not liking, or don't need once they move on to computerized quilting. Anyone have Hartley Microdrive handles for a millennium that you aren't using and would like to sell? Any old paper pantos lying around that you don't need anymore? Sell them to me, please! Your trash could become my treasure... Rebecca Grace www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com
  3. Hello! I am looking to reduce my equipment! And am wanting to sell a Hartley Base Expander, without the cutter. It is in good condition, I just don't need it. I am looking to get best offer plus shipping. Great deal!! Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. (Posting for APQS customer Kathy Graney) "We've added a Quilt Path to our machine, so we are selling our Hartley Fence. This is a COMPLETE set, including all the cookie cutters for doing individual motifs or design sets, along with the cookie cutter mounting bracket. The Hartley Fence will make all sorts of circles or portions of circles--let your imagination take over! The straight line tool also helps with large area cross hatching and long straight lines." This fits on all standard (non-Bliss) systems. This also includes a wonderful work book and DVD by APQS dealer Myrna Ficken, valued at $25. If purchasing new, the price would be: Hartley Fence Unit: $595 Cookie Cutters: $550 Cookie Adapter: $100 Total Value: $1245 Our asking price: only $400! (Buyer pays shipping ) If interested, send an email to: kagraney@aol.com
  5. I am buying a computerize system for my Millie. Any ideas on how to sell my paper pantos I will no longer use? How about my Hartley Circle Maker? I don't know how to get the 'word' out there. I am new to this forum.
  6. I'm the happy 2nd owner of a set of Hartley Micro Drive Handles and need a little info. I don't want to install it too high or two low on the shaft of my Freedom. (No other way to say it.) I'd rather not wait until APQS opens on Monday, 'cause my 925 frowns on personal calls. For any of you, who have Hartley Microdrive Handles, on your Millenium or Freedom, please private message me if you have installation instructions. When I received another Hartley product, there were plenty of instructions, so I know that they're always careful to make installation a smooth process. I've already received many opinions, tips and tricks, and yet I'm really only looking for the instructions that were provided by the manufacturer or APQS.
  7. I purchased the micro drive handles for use with my millennium about a year and a half ago. I tried to use them and they just don't jive with my bifocals. So I have decided to sell them. I will make a real good deal. You can give me a call (402-760-1360) or respond back here.
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