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Found 2 results

  1. Why am I not getting an import option on plug-ins in Quilt Path? I’m trying to upload a purchased pattern, and the only option showing is export. Am I missing something?
  2. I have downloaded several different designer digital files, (from One Song Needle Arts, My Creative Stitches, & Digitech) started with the free ones just to see how the process worked. These were all .qli files, and I had no trouble at all importing them into Quilt Path. When I go to "Select and Sew PATTERN", and try to open my imported file, it stalls and crashes the program. Sometimes it will just stall for a few minutes, and then QP tells me "out of safe area" when I have already set the safe area. Try to reset safe area, and it will stall and eventually crash. Sometimes I get a pop-up that says something like "Quilt Path is not responding, the program will now close" Or it will just simply freeze the tablet, and I will have to do a hard restart. I've spent practically all weekend resetting safe area and rebooting my tablet. What I really want to do now is boot the whole thing out the door! However, if I open the same imported file by going to "Select and Sew PANTOGRAPH", and then click on my imported file, it will open, and if I then select "stitch as a single pattern" I can set the block and stitch it out. Is this a software problem? or does "Select and Sew PATTERN" just not work with imported files??? Do I always need to be in panto stacker to open and quilt an imported file, even if I just want a triangle or square motif?? or should I have chosen a different file format to import? I don't get it. Confused and frustrated!! Only happens with imported files, the ones that came with QP work fine. I work full time, and have very little time to quilt during the week, so weekends it is.... is hard for me to contact Grace Co...or whoever it is I should be calling. I would appreciate any thoughts or recommendations.... thank you!
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