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Found 19 results

  1. Pick up in Hanover County, Virginia APQS Millennium with IntelliQuilter and 10' table with lighting. Comes with lots of extra needles, bobbins, bobbin winder and a few spools of Superior thread in neutral colors. Selling for a family member, so I'm currently working on researching all the machine details. I'll do my best to answer questions. Machine was purchased from original owner who bought it brand new but used it minimally as it was her secondary machine. Since purchasing 4 years ago, it has been used for only 3 quilts. $16,000 Kim Gunn: mikaklewop@gmail.com
  2. We are considering upgrading to a larger throat machine and will be putting our Freedom up for sale. This was purchased direct from the DesMoines showroom. It is a white Freedom, L bobbin with Quilt Glide on a 12 foot black table with fabric advance, Hartley base expander, hydraulic lift and BLISS. We have installed the latest version encoders so everything is totally current. The table has also had zippers and leader grips installed. It can be upgraded to an M bobbin if a new owner wants to. It is an excellent machine with no issues. Location is just outside of Springfield Illinois. We are asking $20,900 including the Intelliquilter or reasonable offer. JIM 2guyzquilting@gmail.com
  3. Selling my Millenium (2006) 12'ft table with Intelliquilter full version (super motors). Extensive pattern library to quilt to your heart's content. Here's a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal & start LA quilting for less than 1/2 the cost of new! Well maintained dealers machine & IQ (hundred's of pattern's) Original owner, excellent condition and well cared for and serviced professionally. Ergo lift, motorized power fabric advance, M & M wheels, Turbo power bobbin winder, base expander & rulers, MANY bobbins & threads (too many to count) oil, needles, saddle stool, zippered leaders, laser light for pantos. I can help getting you started & on your way in your successful quilting with tips and pointers. (SOLD ONLY AS A WHOLE PACKAGE. NO ITEMS SOLD SEPARATELY.) Machine is currently set up & ready for test drives. Machine & IQ priced to sell at $16,000 obo, located in Corvallis, Oregon. Serious buyers Contact me via IM Thanks for looking!
  4. I have just listed a new 2 day IQ workshop on my website. I will be traveling to teach in West Central TX at Donna Thomas' Studio in San Angelo. Workshop will be Jan. 11th & 12th. There is room for 10 students. You can find all the information on my website. http://www.katydids.net/classes.html
  5. $23,000.00 plus shipping APQS long arm quilting machine with Intelliquilter (IQ) computer2012 Millennium, 26 inch arm with L bobbin on a 14 foot Bliss track table, Quilt glide, stitch regulator, auto quilt advance and 2012 IQ computer. This machine is in excellent condition. I am upgrading to a 30 inch Millennium with IQ.Machine is located in Pensacola, FloridaPlease contact Jolene Kneemiller for additional details and/or questions at kneemillerj@hotmail.com
  6. I am selling: 2016 Machine APQS Millennium, 12 foot table, (26 inch throat) and INTELLIQUILTER Classic LT. Will sell separately. BLISS Track System Automatic Quilt Advance System with foot pedal. Quilt Glide Stitch Mode Lower Bobbin Thread Cutter Hartley Base Extender Stitch Regulator Table on Castors Separate Bobbin Winder “M” Bobbin (larger of options) Vertical and Horizontal Channel Locks (Electronic) Laser Light, Low Bobbin indicator, Simple Touch Pad Controls, Top Thread Break Sensor, Multi Position Handles, Built In Black Light, LED Lighting, Interchangeable Hopping Foot, Single Stitch Button - Two Positions, Variable Needle Speed, Auto Needle Positioner. Purchased end of 2016. INTELLIQUILTER - CLASSIQ-LT Standard System, Removeable tablet to use off of quilting machine with power cord, over 80 purchased patterns, Designer Pattern Samples of Blocks, Lines. Geometric and more. Purchaser responsible for take down, pick up, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. Used only for personal quilts so very minimal use and in excellent condition. Some lucky person will enjoy this excellent quilting machine that is computerized! Both are so easy to use and quilts out beautifully! Outstanding support from both APQS and Intelliquilter! Moving and downsizing because of early retirement. mhquilts4@gmail.com
  7. A recent finish for my great niece's 10th birthday. I've had the fabric for quite a few years thinking it would make a pretty girls quilt and when my niece asked me to make her a quilt I knew what I wanted to use. The pattern is called Zinnia Garden from American Patchwork & Quilting 2017 calendar. My niece loved it and apparently her bedroom is being painted to go with it! Cathy APQS Freedom w/Intelliquilter
  8. I have a 2005 Millenium on a 12 ft. table equipped with an Intelliquilter. I am asking $18,000 and am located in Central Illinois. I have reduced the price to $17,050. In addition to the options the factory equipped the Millenium, I have added red snappers, automatic fabric rolling system, new leaders and hydraulic lift. I am including spools of Superior thread and prewound bobbins to get you started. The Intelliquilter comes with hundreds of designs, many of which have been purchased since I bought the system. I have all the designs cataloged on my computer and a file will be included with the designs. I have many instruction manuals on using the Millenium, a maintenance book and manuals on using the different features on the Intelliquilter. The buyer will be responsible for taking down the machine and arranging their own shipping. A four hour instruction class on using the system will be provided at sellers location if requested.
  9. This is a lightly used A-1 Elite (23 inch throat) longarm quilting machine that is in excellent condition on a 12 foot table with Ergo-lift. It also includes the Full Version IntelliQuilter computerized system, loaded with the newest software update. The quilting machine, table and IQ are all included with the price. Asking $17,750. Please contact me for additional information. Purchaser responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. Location: Grants Pass, Oregon Contact: Suzanne digisuz2@charter.net
  10. I'm planning to start a longarm quilting business in the next few months. Found a great dealer who sells both APQS and Intelliquilter. I'm planning to invest in Intelliquilter so I can jump right in with computerized E2E without the learning curve (as this is my first, and hopefully last longarm purchase!) and I know that from a business standpoint, larger frames and wider throats are best for computerized quilting because they allow you to quilt a larger area with each advance of the quilt. However, I know that I want to learn to quilt freehand as well, if only for myself, and it seems like the longarm quilters whose work I most admire are using smaller machine heads. When I demo'd the 26" Millenium and the 20" Lenni, I felt like I had much better control and better hand guided results with the smaller machine when I was quilting swirls, teardrops, pebbles, etc. I know I can take the 5 lb. thread cutter off the Millie and that will help, but I'm wondering whether the Millenium is too big and unwieldy to be an ideal hand guided machine. Or, will I develop that control over time through practice? Basically, my question is whether experienced quilters find the Millenium to be "too big" for hand guided or free-style quilting. I'm tall and I have long arms, so reach isn't an issue -- just noticed a big difference in my demo quilting on the two machines. On Lenni, I can already do a decent meander, but on Millie I couldn't keep those curves consistent. Both machines I demo'd had Bliss Track systems. Any suggestions or feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks! Rebecca Grace
  11. FOR SALE A-1 Elite 23” Throat Quilting Machine on 12’ Hydraulic Table with IntelliQuilter $17,750 Location: Grants Pass, Oregon This is a lightly used A-1 Elite (23 inch throat) longarm quilting machine that is in excellent condition on a 12 foot table with Ergo-lift. It also includes the Full Version IntelliQuilter computerized system, loaded with the newest software update. The quilting machine, table and IQ are all included with the price. Please email me for additional information. Purchaser responsible for take down, pickup, transportation, re-assembly and all associated costs. Contact Suzanne: digisuz2@charter.net
  12. Kari

    Snow Day

    I just had to share. My Snow Day quilt is featured in the current issue of Fons and Porter Love of Quilting. I also designed a series of quilting designs for this in Art and Stitch. These designs were digitized and quilted on my APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter. They are perfect for your next snow quilt. http://www.onpointquilter.com/blog/snow-day Kari Schell APQS Millennium with Intelliquilter
  13. This Machine is now sold. The Long and Short of It (no pun intended) I got this millennium in 2005 and opened my business shortly afterward. This machine has served me well for 9 years. I’ve met some great quilters and great quilt teachers. I’d like to say I’ve quilted many beautiful quilts on it, but I’ll leave that for you to decide. (See my gallery at www.heartsdelightquilting.com) I’ve loved the creative and technical challenge of custom quilting on a hand-guided machine. But after 9 years, I was feeling like I was on the flat part of the learning curve, and also feeling like my machine deserved some professional servicing. But taking it off line for two weeks minimum and investing another $1500 for APQS to service it always stopped me. What happened? I learned that a friend of a friend wanted to get rid of her 2009 Millenium with Intellistitcher. Privacy and expediency were paramount. But such a deal! Well, how could I pass that up? Whatever its condition, I could sell one of the machines and service the other. And maybe I could learn Intellistitcher. At this price, I wouldn’t have to master it and use it all the time to justify its cost. My husband’s only concern was, “We don’t have room for two machines.” So I jumped. A friend with an SUV helped me transport for the promise of a very nice dinner. (I’m thinking Chez Panisse?) My husband helped me off-load my 2005 and on-load the 2009. Did I mention it has the Bliss Track System? Oh, and Automatic Lift and Automatic Quilt Advance System. It made it a challenge for Charlie and me to disassemble as I was unfamiliar with them. And Marcel (hubby) and I needed to offload the old rails and put on the new. Forget the lift and auto advance systems for now. Anyway, there I was with a new strange machine with a tablet thing on top sitting on my frame in my studio. It was new, it was different. There were no manuals for it. There were indications that the former owner had tension problems with it. (A towa gauge and top tension gauges were included, she later gave me a huge bag of prewound bobbins and the magic cone of thread that was “the key to the tension.”) It would run on when I paused. I sat on it for a long while. Was this new one really better? Do I really want to sell “old reliable?” Time passed while I fretted. I finally hunkered down and did a sampler quilt. I figured out the tension. I figured out the little switch that turns off the run-on quilting (didn’t you know, that’s a “feature!”) I did another customer quilt, a queen size. The Bliss Tracking System really is easy on the arms. I can quilt longer without noticing. Wow, this new machine is nice. But is that disloyal to “old faithful?” No, I decided. All the APQS machines are wonderful. And they all deserve to be put in use and not mothballed. So I was sharing with my “Zen Friend” my journey. Her response? Wow, good karma. Yes, and I’m honored to be the recipient of it. And I need to pass that karma on. First, by moving the dismantled machine out from behind the couch in my living room to honor Marcel (DH) and his incredible patience and support. (He hasn’t complained once, and now it’s like I don’t even see it there, but I think he does.) Second, by offering a really good deal to someone else. So here it is: her practically new leaders with zippers and measuring tapes galore go to the buyer. (Whatever smudges and pinholes I put in my leaders, I’m willing to keep.) Her feather light clamps go with the machine. (My pinning system learned from Dawn Cavanaugh works just fine for me.) Her Microdrive Handles, Hartley Base Expander with 2 guides, and Hartley Spool Holder are duplicates and go to the buyer. The Hydraulic Lift ($1500 value), and Automatic Quilt Advance System ($1350 value) are luxuries that I don’t need. But neither does the buyer. So I’m separating them out from the purchase price. Give me a good offer on them and they’re yours, with or without the machine. Here’s the skinny on the machine: It quilts like a dream, but after quilting a while, it sometimes stutters on stitch regulation in the horizontal direction. It doesn’t stitch a bad stitch, it just hesitates. So I stop quilting, go around to the back, jiggle the connections, check the wheels, and start up again, and it works just fine. I’ve talked to Amy, and have been told that a servicing will take care of that, give it new boards, and give a one-year warranty on it. That costs $1500. I would do it in advance of selling it, but then the new buyer wouldn’t have the warranty (it’s non-transferrable, I asked.) So I’ll credit the cost of getting it serviced. And now that I’ve sewn on the Bliss Rails, I highly recommend them. You can upgrade this machine to Bliss for $1000, so I’ll credit that, too. (You should have as nice a machine as I now have.) I’m not sure of the location or condition of the box to ship it back to Iowa for servicing, so I’ll credit the cost for them to ship a new box to you. That’s $100. I have a bunch of templates and books that I’ve outgrown, so I’ll include those. You can have the towa and top tension gauges, though I don’t think you’ll need them. You can even have that big bag of pre-wound bobbins. I don’t use them, but you might want to. APQS is selling this era machine for $8700. That brings my offer to $6100 ($8700-1500-1000-100). Hydraulic Lift optional at $750 OBO. If you have a truck or SUV, I will help you transport it and set it up. Either that or we can ask Charlie to transport again for the price of a nice dinner. (Who are we kidding, he’d rather have Giants tickets.) Now that I think of it, if you want to buy the Intelliquilter and the StiQ, I’ll give you a good deal on that as well. You have to do the research, though. I don’t have manuals and I don’t know how to set it up yet. Let’s say, $6000. No OBO as I might still get it in gear and learn it myself. Here’s the short of it: 2005 Millenium with 10 foot table*: $6100 Intelliquilter with StiQ: $6000 Hydraulic Lift: $750 OBO All available together or separately. *stitch regulator, automatic needle positioner, bobbin thread cutter, Smart bobbin (L), laser light, bobbin winder, power advance, Hartley base expander and two guides, Quick Zip leaders with spare zippers and measuring tapes attached, Hartley Micro-Drive, Hartley Spool Holder Call or write, Marty Provencher 408 396-0396 martyprovencher@yahoo.com HeartsDelightQuilting.com
  14. We have found a buyer for this system and are in the process of completing the transaction. It was snagged in less than three days! Thanks so much for your interest! I have a pre-owned 2012 ClassiQ with the latest SuperMotors (V3) and over 450 patterns. I am selling this system on behalf of a customer of mine. The system is ready to mount to an APQS Millennium or Freedom on Bliss rails. If you have a different type of machine or table, you could still use this IQ but we'd need to have you purchase slightly different mounting brackets to attach it to your machine. Keep in mind that all updates to the software come included with your purchase so even though you are buying the system used, you will still have support. Also, with your purchase you will have access to over 6+ hours of HD video instruction from Quilted Joy to train you how to use your IQ. This ClassiQ Intelliquilter system is located in Nashville, TN. Shipping/installation is up to the buyer (US only). If you are interested in getting it professionally installed, we can talk about the cost to have that done (based on your studio's location). This IQ has barely been used and I did the original installation. It is in excellent condition but is not under a warranty. If you'd like more photos, let me know. Here are the specs: ClassiQ Intelliquilter 2012 i500 tablet model 12.5" resistive touch screen SM-V3 Super motors Motor brackets included are for APQS Millennium or Freedom on a Bliss table with 8 button mushroom handles. (If you have a different machine/table/handles you'd need to purchase the correct brackets to mount this system to your table. Typically that will be under $250.) Included are over 450+ patterns APQS Hydraulic lift brackets available at no additional cost Training through Quilted Joy's online virtual classroom
  15. Wahoo!!! It's finally here. After six interminably long weeks, my IQ finally arrived and was installed. Yipee !!! Happy Dance! Now I can play....er, I mean practice diligently.... The first quilt (a sampler of my own making) will go on the frame tonight. That way I can practice all the unique techniques that Laura Lee Fritz taught me over the weekend. She was a wealth of information. Pictures when I'm done, but that may be a while since I have out of town company coming in today and staying for two weeks. I'll see if I can sneek time in on my machine. .......tippie toe......
  16. Just ordered my IQ and it's due to be installed in about a month. Yeeeee!!!! I'm very excited about it. But I've been looking online and lots of places sell already digitized designs and I know I can trace my designs on the IQ, but I'm just wondering about some of the software available to create my own digitized designs. Does anyone have a favorite? I've seen youtube video and other posts for Art & Stitch, Pro-Q, and another one that I forgot to write down. Anything special you think I should know or consider? Is it worth the expense? Also, I've seen a couple of systems for sale as either used or 'came with my LA, but never used'. I also recall reading somewhere that if you purchase used software (even if it was never opened and installed), it won't work right because it cannot be registered to a new computer. Is that true? Any info/ advice/ opinions etc., would be tremendously helpful and much appreciated. Thanks, Lora.
  17. Hello, I'm very excited because I'm seriously thinking about getting the Intelliquilter for my Ultimate I. I was thinking about getting a new Millie and the IQ, but the cost was a little beyond my reach (okay, I'd have to sell a kidney, lol). Anyway, when I was talking to the IQ sales person in California (Ron Paul) he recommended that I get all the spare parts I would need for him to service the machine. ????? Like what??? He said, just call APQS and they can tell you what you need. I'll be honest, I'm at a complete loss. So far all I've got on my list are motor brushes and I'm not even sure what those are. Can anyone help me figure out what normal wear parts I might need to order to give my Ult I a nice "like new" tune up? I'm also thinking about putting a laser light on the front of the machine. I see that the one that mounts in the back of the machine has a place where it plugs in to the machine (I'm assuming for power). Does anyone know how I would go about putting one on the front of the machine? Do I need to purchase a separate power adapter or is there a place on the front (maybe on the inside) of the machine where the laser light would plug in? Thanks soooooo much for anyone to takes the time to respond to this posting. I truly need and apprciate any and all help and suggestions. Lora.
  18. Have you been enjoying the latest version of Art and Stitch? If you want an excuse to play, I am looking for bloggers to create ideas about how they would quilt my Irish Eyes quilt top. I would love to see what you come up with. I created some ideas of my own which are presented on my blog this week. I'm also providing a free Art and Stitch file for the motif I developed for the quilt. Check out the blog and the free file at http://www.onpointquilter.com/1/post/2014/04/party-time.html Art and Stitch is not required. Feel free to suggest a favorite pantograph or use Electric Quilt or other software to draft your ideas. Kari Schell www.onpointquilter.com
  19. Have you ever been to a "Blog Party"? I participated in a series that Bonnie Hunter did as part of her Celtic Solstice mystery quilt last fall. I found it was a great way to start blogging and provided a way for me to gain exposure for my quilting business. I had so much fun, so I decided I wanted to create one around the concept of "Quilting the Quilt". Over the next week, I am hoping that many of you will develop an idea (or ideas) on how you would quilt top I posted to my blog this week. (This is a quilt that has been languishing in my personal stack of unquilted tops for at least a decade.) From April 12-18th, post an idea on your blog and link to my blog. I'm really hoping you all come to my party! This week I am also offer a couple of mini-tutorials on how you can bring an image into either Art and Stitch or Electric Quilt as the start of your project. More information on all of this can be found at the following link. http://www.onpointquilter.com/1/post/2014/04/quilting-the-quilt-blog-party.html Hope to see you all soon. Kari Schell Pattern Designer, Instructor and Quilter APQS Millennium owner with Intelliquilter Brooklyn Park, MN 763-566-6536 onpointquilter.com
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