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Found 2 results

  1. Loading A Quilt Free by Myrna Ficken A Quilter's Choice - APQS West I am happy to announce that I am starting videos on Vimeo . Click on the link below for the first one and FREE. Check it out. A huge THANK YOU to my friend Angela Hugli Clark for all of her help and getting me behind in gear to start this. I will be doing more in the near future on many subjects. When it comes up you need to CLICK ON THE BLUE BOX THAT SAYS Watch on Vimeo.
  2. Hi, I posted last year when I was trying to decide which machine to buy - I was looking at the Lenni. Well, I went from looking at the Lenni to purchasing a Millie because I figured I was only going to make the investment once and I didn't want to be sorry later! So I stretched the budget and got a demo Millie. Since then, I check the forum regularly and have learned so much from the posts. I usually can find my answer without asking but now it's time to ask......... I've just started really using Millie and I swore I'd never do pantos, but I took the plunge and I've done about 5 quilts now. My first question relates to pantos. I mark the top and sides of the quilt on the panto cover when I first start and all is fine, but by the time I get to the end of the quilt, my sides are sometimes 1/2" different - when I think I'm still on the edge of the quilt, I'm actually way off to the side (the left side - standing at the back of the machine - is the worst.) The last one I did I was 3/4 inch off on the left side. The quilt is straight and I'm being real careful when I advance the quilt making sure my sides are even. Maybe it's related to this question - I just loaded another quilt and I noticed that when I pinned the backing, the left side - standing at the front of the machine - of the backing (and canvas) hangs down lower than the right side. Everything looks straight when I roll the backing, and the sides are straight, but the canvas hangs a little. Is my canvas on crooked? I haven't really used the machine so much that the canvas should be stretched (although it was a demo.) Last question, partial floating vs. full floating? I've read lots of posts and I know there are different opinions, but I keep going back and forth between the two methods and I am just wondering if there is any real advantage of one over the other. Thanks for any help! Debbi