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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've had a lot of trouble with thread break, backlash etc since getting my new to me machine 3 months ago. It's run pretty well the last 6 or 7 quilts I've done with minimal thread break and good tension. I hadn't oiled the bobbin area in all that time as last time I did I got horrible backlash, loop and thread breaks. I oiled the bobbin area again last night and the same thing happened. I've attached a picture - it's almost like a chain stitch on the back! When I tighten the top tension the thread breaks immediately. Has anyone else had anything like this happen when they oil the machine?
  2. I have a problem that I've had before in the past, and can't remember/find the solution. Big random loops on the back. My tension spring rest at 11on top,and goes down to 9 when the thread pulls through. My pigtail goes from 8 to 2. My top tension is tight to the point of the thread breaking. I have a thread sock on and have rethreaded to try and alleviate some of the twist. My top stitches bubble when this is happening on the bottom. I can't feel any rough spots or burrs anywhere.Dawn!!!!! Waaaah!!!!
  3. Hello again, I posted this topic on the forum about two weeks ago and recieved a few responses. I've also spoken with Amy, but so far my problem hasn't been solved. I've been a machine quilter for 12 years, so I've dealt with tension issues plenty of times. About a month ago, in the middle of a quilt, I started getting random loops on the bottom of the quilt, as though my top thread was too loose, etc. I tried to fix it, like I have hundreds of times over the years. Nothing I've done has fixed this issue. I've adjusted my tension assembly, re-timed, checked for play in the hook sh
  4. Hello all. About two weeks ago my Millennium developed a thread breaking issue along with an occasional loop on the back side of the quilt. I've dealt with tension for twelve years now and I know how to fix most issues, but this has me stumped. I can't seem to get rid of that loop problem. Any tighter and it's constant breakage. Loosen it even a little and there are tons of bottom loops. I'm wondering if the tension assembly needs replacement, which I'm probably going to do either way. I go through a lot of quilts, roughly 600-700 per year, so my machine takes a beating. If anyone has s
  5. I've had this problem before, but now I seem to have it with almost every quilt - a small area where the tension is off and then things are fine again. I can hear it in the stitching, but I'm doing nothing different in that area than any place else. This quilt is about 50" by 60", quilted with a loose meander. Bottom thread is Glide (not pre-wound); top is Superior variegated. 4.0 needle used only for a 20" by 24" wall hanging before this. I have done all the things I know about - checking for debris, watching the thread path when I stitch (which I can't do when I'm actually quiltin
  6. I'm having a problem with random loops on the bottom of my quilt. I don't understand what is happening all of a sudden. I have quilted about 50 quilts with my Nolting 23". It has a stitch regulator. I just started doing customer quilts and of course this new problem has started. I have used the same Maxilock thread. I have been using the same color on top and bottom. I decided to use the customer's Signature thread as she wished. The tension was all messed up and threw tons of loops on the bottom of the quilt. I adjusted and adjusted and adjusted the top tension knob. Suddenly I real
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