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Found 1 result

  1. Thank you Jamie Wallen for the great idea that brought me to my newest essential quilting tool! I work in a studio with lighting challenges, and have not yet found the right solution for me. I don't want the overhead add on possibilities from APQS and others, and I do mostly free motion, learning micro and ruler work right now. I've been using a tripod side light meant for photography/videography but I have to drag it around, and I had to put a paper lantern over the light source because it was a bit too bright. Then it happened... I was innocently watching Jamie's videos on his YouTube channel and found this simple tutorial to build what he calls a "side light" with a few inexpensive bits from the hardware box store. A board (you paint it and seal it), mounting tape, and an under the counter florescent kitchen/bath light. I made my measurements and list and went to Lowe's. I have a Millie, so I have a 20" work space between rollers and a total approximately 26" space from outer roller edge to edge. This light is meant to rest on top of the rollers and shine from under the board onto the quilt surface to light up your detail stitching. Jamie says he turns out all other light in his studio and just turns this on to illuminate his stitching. At Lowe's, (Home Depot did not have this kind of model) I found the most amazing under cabinet light that didn't require ANY OF THE OTHER SUPPLIES OR BUILDING!! I've put the only link to it I could find online in case anyone else might be interested. The one I bought is a 26" light and it rests just like Jamie's board perfectly on top of the rollers, and IS EVEN ON A DIMMER to adjust with just a touch how bright or how dim you'd like to work. With the light from my Millie and this LED side light, I have solved my work space lighting problem and all I had to do was plug it in!!! I LOVE this light. As you quilt, you just move/slide it down the rollers as you progress with your machine. This model is finished metal, the LED lights are hidden under a hood in the unit construction so it is never blinding, and I can even tilt it up on its this side to extend the range of the light's reach. Just wanted to share this awesome new tool!!! And props to Jamie for the great tutorial that started it all. Beth