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Found 4 results

  1. The latest blog post is up! You can find it at http://quiltniques.blogspot.com/ Enjoy!
  2. Hi, does anyone have suggestions? I've always had trouble with the set screw not threading sufficiently in the needle bar so the needle isn't held tight. And now it doesn't work at all. I've fiddled with everything, tried multiple set screws, and different needles, but there aren't any screw threads catching in the needle bar. Ideas? Does the needle bar set screw hole need to be retapped? Is it possible to do this? My DH has access to full machine shop, so I suppose I need to understand how to remove the needle bar. Is there something else I should try first? Thanks for ideas! Colette
  3. Help! I ordered a needle bar yesterday and had it overnighted to arrive today. No instructions were enclosed - can anybody point me to a pdf? Thanks, Crystal
  4. Has anyone had this happen? I am waiting for APQS to open so I can call them but I think this is really a problem! yesterday I hit a safety pin (which I use to hold the quilt backing on the leaders). My customer cut the backing the same size as the top and I stupidly did it anyway so i had no margin for error. So, of course, I had a big error! I called APQS and they said it sounded like I jammed the needle bar and gave me instructions to adjust that. So, I did that. It was super hard to unscrew the needle bar set screw and I needed my hubby to strong arm it. Once the adjustment was done, he screwed it back tight. Still no luck. So this morning ( I am calmer now than last night when I was freaking out - oh, did I mention I have literally 10 inches left on the last row to do of this quilt?) I decide to try adjusting the needle bar again...maybe we are still a bit off..... so, we go to uncrew the needle bar set screw AND IT IS GONE. NOT IN THE HOLE. The screwdriver goes all the way into the machine. NOW, what the heck happened? i have no idea. The needle bar is tight. Doesn't budge at all. OY!!!! thoughts?
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