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Found 2 results

  1. I just bought a used Millie and I have a couple issues with her. One is she keeps breaking needles and sometimes when I turn the stitch regulator on and start to move the machine it won't stitch right but if I turn the machine off and on again it sews nice then. I am also having a terrible time with thread breaking. I have tried different thread brands and they all seem to be breaking I have tweaked the tension and have it set so it feels right not to tight and not to loose. The thing that I don't understand is Millie had a spa treatment in May I wouldn't think she should have these kind of issues. I just want it to run smoothly. I understand there is a learning curve but it doesn't seem like I should be having this much trouble. I had the dealer in my area (Joyce) out yesterday and she put a new tension assembly in my machine and that works great. Can someone please help me. I am just crushed that Millie is running so bad.
  2. Hello, I had the day off from work today for President's Day and was looking forward to finishing up two kid quilts for charity. The first one went smoothly. Then the second quilt after lunch--a totally different pattern from the first-- caused me and George great headaches. I broke the tip off two brand new needles. I have to admit that the quilt I was working on had thick seams because it was foundation-pieced on muslin. I also used spray starch on some of the fabrics to keep them crisp while cutting. Do any of you think that might have been the problem? Anyway, I think I will finish the second quilt this coming weekend using my Bernina until I can figure out (hopefully with your expert advice) what is going on with George and the needles. Any advice you can share would be appreciated. Thanks! --Annabelle PS: I have been away a long time from this forum and am glad to be back. I took a couple years' break while I went back to school and then my husband and I moved to a smaller house after our youngest child went away to college last fall. I now have a sewing studio on the ground floor overlooking the lake. I was hoping George would be very happy there. But now I am not so sure!