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Found 4 results

  1. If you were going to purchase a new longarm, would you buy a Freddie or a Lucy? I am considering a new machine for the new year and I'm doing a bit of research. TIA
  2. I'm in the beginning stages of going down the longarm rabbit-hole. Well, I've actually been dreaming for years, but I'm a bit closer now. Has anyone out there owned an Innova and an APQS machine? Or worked extensively on both? I know that it will ultimately come down to what feels best for me (like a car), but I'd love to know what people who have used both think. I'm sure there are pros and cons. I liked the APQS best at the AQS show, but it'd be nice to take a class to spend some time and really get to know the machines. I'm in SW Michigan, so the Innova dealer is not far. Does anyone know of a Michigan dealer for APQS? I may drive down to Quilted Joy to take a class sometime, but it will be hard to get the time do that for a while yet. I have a friend with an older APQS that I'm going to try out soon. Random question: Does the stitch regulator still beep on the APQS?
  3. Hubby and driver just finished unloading all these boxes. Now the real fun begins!
  4. Heard from Heidi on Monday that my payment was received and they would be getting my machine ready to ship. Called and talked to shipping on Thursday to check status as I still had not heard anything yet. Was informed they are waiting on the legs to come in before they can ship it. I am not a very patient person so this is starting to get me a little crazy. I check my email about 50 times a day hoping there will be something new regarding the shipping, but nothing yet. Hopefully sometime next week the Millennium will arrive. In the mean time, we have totally redone the "Quilting Room" It used to be where the boys had their computers set up. It also had a big mural of wallpaper all along the one wall in addition to Orange carpet. Those came with the house when we moved in. Now it has been stripped of the wall paper, freshly painted white. new cabinets and counter top added. Carpet has been removed and new wood flooring installed. Now we are just waiting for the Millennium to come fill up the rest of the room. Can't wait. I guess I can spend this weekend getting quilt tops in order for when it finally shows up. Lord knows there are plenty waiting to get on the rack.