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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I have had my Lenni since August 2015, but due to a number of issues, was not really able to do much but set up my machine, and test to see if it worked. Then it sat... sadly, for almost a year. Recently, I was able to attend a beginner class (I'd already had a 'renter's class', but that was over a year ago) with the lady who sold me my Lenni (thanks Tracey Russel of Whirls 'n Swirls Quilting in Oshawa, ON Canada). I had been so afraid to do something detrimental to my machine that I wasn't confident to try... Tracey's class gave me the confidence to give myself permission to try to use the machine. After carefully going through cleaning procedures and running through some test fabric, I loaded on a quilt top for the charity that I support and the 'Bumpity' pantograph that Tracey gave me. Yay, all worked well. A few glitches, which Tracey's class covered so I was still OK, and then I loaded my second charity quilt with a different pantograph. OMGOSH, I am actually doing this, and I love it! Then I put on a baby quilt top that I've had waiting for over a year. Yay! another one done, and then another one! Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me throughout the process of selecting and buying a machine, and especially to Tracey, who, not only being an APQS dealer, is also an amazing teacher and author of her own FMQ books! Can't beat this APQS family. Love to all Sherry H, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lenni Mom, August 2015
  2. Yesterday I drove three and a half hours from Chicago to Dubuque to attend a road show and check out the APQS machines. What a great experience that was! They answered questions I hadn't even thought of asking! We had a great time--just me and about 8 women--and got to play on all five of the APQS machines. I went pretty sure I was not going to buy because my local quilt shop had made me a great offer on one of the long arms they carry. After about 5 minutes playing on one machine, I was sure I was NOT buying the machine from my LQS, and had to have an APQS. By the time I quit playing, I had been convinced by the machines themselves that I needed a Millie in my home. Out came the credit card and a deposit was made! If you or anyone you know is considering one of these machines, have them go to a road show first--they made a sweet deal for those of us who came to the road show--free fabric advance system, free quilt glide, and $$$$ off the list price too! Well worth 7 hours in the car! Now I have to wait for my money to come in (I'm waiting for an inheritance to clear and that's buying the machine for me). I have never been a particularly patient person. I'm filling up my time by getting the room ready. I need to move my domestic machine into another area of our house--so I'm putting a new floor down in that room this weekend, and setting that room up as my quilting studio. My Millie will have a studio of her own. Getting all of the "stuff" moved around will help me fill my time (I have to move the elliptical machine and the treadmill to the basement to turn the back room into my sewing space). SO EXCITED!!!! Kevin
  3. Bad hair day, braces showing in my smile and wearing old yoga not a great picture of me, but look what came to my house today. YESSSSSSSSS! Now to start carefully opening boxes and taking inventory. Busy weekend ahead, LOL! Sherry
  4. Hi Everyone! Not sure if this is where I should be posting (LMK if I should post elsewhere). After looking at a VERY old Ultimate machine and asking advice here, turning down the purchase of said Ultimate, looking around a bit, meeting a wonderful lady(through this forum) in my area who invited me to her home to see/play with her Millie, and taking a 'Renter's Prep class' at a shop near me (We R Quilts, Prescott, ON), I ended up going to a Quilt show in Kingston, Ontario and test drove a Lenni. I loved the Lenni. Not quite as big as Millie, but I don't need that extra throat space. There was a 'demo' sale promotion going on which took a fair amount off the list price and with the 30 day timeframe to change my mind about going ahead with the purchase, my dear hubby said... 'Go For It!'. So I did. Tracey Russell of 'Whirls N Swirls Quilting', who was the APQS dealer at the show in Kingston, set up my order for a Lenni. I asked to have the Bliss table, extended table base (for ruler work) and the multi position handles. Then hubby and I left our Ontario home to go to our cottage in New Brunswick. When the 30 days was nearing, I asked hubby about it and he seemed uncommitted. So disappointed...I thought I was going to have to cancel the order!! Half way through the day, he said...'you know what, there will never be a better time for you to do this...go ahead with the order!", so I did!!! OMGOSH, at the latest, second week of August I will be a new Lenni owner!!! I am SO excited. When we get home from our cottage visit, I'll have a few days to clean out and organize the room I will set up in and I can't wait to load on the 3 baby quilts I've got waiting! Thanks again to all who advised me regarding the used Ultimate machine I looked at. I am looking forward to joining this APQS family forum officially in a couple of weeks! Sincerely, Sherry
  5. Hi Everyone. I just ordered a Lucey! As you can imagine I'm super excited. But now, as I wait, buyer's remorse sets in...well not remorse, but worry. My background is I'm a very confident quilter, published author, pattern designer etc. I've been quilting for more than 20 years and I've quilted most of my quilts on my DSM. I know and love my DSM very well. I have a Viking and I almost never have any trouble. Might have to tweak the tension once in a while but other than that it's a work horse. I've had it 9 years and had it serviced only once. And I'm embarrassed to say I'm terrible about cleaning it. I almost never do and I usually only change the needle when it breaks. So, as you can imagine I'm nervous about maintaining a longarm. I've been reading around this forum and all the tension troubles etc are scaring me. I'm really not worried that I won't be able to do it. I'm mechanically inclined and good at troubleshooting etc so I'm fairly confident that I'll get it to work. I'm just nervous that I won't like it. Fiddling with a machine and having to clean it a lot is so not my thing! So really do I have to clean out the bobbin case every time I change it? And oil and clean the machine after every quilt? And am I really going to have to spend forever balancing the tension? I'm also concerned about thread. I really wasn't a snob. For many years I used the basic Coats Dual Duty in all my quilts. Never had a problem, even without cleaning. But I have been converted to Aurifil. I love it. The colors are awesome. Its smooth and beautiful. And I love that it's cotton. I know that poly isn't really "sharp" anymore, but I like to use all cotton (fabric, batting, thread). So I'm wondering if I'll be able to stick to Aurfil 50wt. I'd really rather not explore threads forever. Maybe I'll try So Fine or something for a thread that disappears a little more in the cases that I need that, but do you think I'll be able to make Aurifil work? Oh, I should have mentioned that I'll mostly be quilting for me. Maybe a few customer quilts but mostly I ordered a longarm because I want to continue to do it all start to finish myself. I wish I could believe that Lucey will just work without a lot of thought or care. Is that possible??? Or should I be getting my mind ready for a change? Thanks!! Jess
  6. Long story short...OK...not that short. My wife has been quilting using a Bernina quilt frame with a PFAFF QE 4.0 for a number of years. After a lot of research she decided to purchase a used (2003 I believe) APQS Millenium that appears to be in fantastic condition. Due to a number of unique circumstances she was not able to test the machine before she purchased it and the person that she purchased it from didn't know anything about quilting. We have the quilt frame home and set up in her studio and she can't figure out how to get it to work correctly. She doesn't have the manual for it and is trying to use it for the first time and is not having any luck at all. Could someone please walk us through ALL (no matter how simple or of course you do that) steps so that she can start using her new machine. She's wanted a long arm machine for a number of years and it is killing her that she now has one and is unable to get it to work correctly. She has a practice quilt loaded on the machine, she does the needle up/down to pull the bobbin thread up and then when she attempts to ends up being a mess and not stitching correctly. What are the exact steps/buttons/etc necessary to push for the machine to quilt as expected? It does have a SR but I'm not sure if she'd using it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!!!