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Found 13 results

  1. I just published the latest Quiltniques blog post: http://quiltniques.blogspot.com/ Enjoy.
  2. Selling the following patterns $8/pattern plus shipping: Themes: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum small Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Christmas Holly Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Festive Holly Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish Tumblin’ Teddy Bears Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Pumpkin Patch Beany Girl Quilts Benay Derr Seascape Debra Geissler Elephant Parade Willow Leaf Studio Liz Civetti Dinosaurs Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Sea Shells Debra Geissler Puzzle Pieces Pantograph Kathie James Feathers: Swirl and Twirl Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Chocolate Swirl Feather Pantograph Kathie James Feather Meandering and Linda’ Curly Feather Linda V. Taylor Feathered Flower Overall and Border Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Leaves: Sunny Leaves Debra Geissler, 9” Trailing Vine – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Seaweed Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Fern Gully Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Hearts: Double Hearts and Loops Debra Geissler Flowers: Floriana Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Touch of Spring Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Primrose – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Bell Blossom – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Stars/Paisley: Paisley Swirls 11”, Debra Geissler Paisley Plus 12” Debra Geissler Stars and Loops, Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Starz Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Meandering Stars Dave Hudson Swirly: Dotti Dot Lg Willow Leaf Studio Irene Steele Denise’s Spirals Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Chestnut Swirls Debra Geissler 8.5” Different Strokes Dave Hudson Ribbon Dance Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Spirals Galore Debra Geissler Spin Lg Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Floating Clouds – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Misc: Iron Gate Pantograph The Quilt Rack Donna Reinarts Amore Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Wrought Iron willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish
  3. Does anyone happen to have a paper copy of JoAnn Hoffman's "angel wings" baby wholecloth pattern they could part with?
  4. I finished by 1st customer quilt on Miss Millie. Took 10 hours, there was some tweeking required after the bliss rails were replaced and IQ need some adjustments. I fall in love everytime I use this machine. I will deliver tomorrow night. Will let everyone know what the customer comments are. https://www.flickr.com/photos/127344460@N04/sets/72157648945511477/
  5. Here is the last customer quilt I did used Here and There panto with a grey thread top and bottom. thanks for having a look
  6. Just finished a customers quilt made using Kansas Troubles fabric ... Love these country colors Backing brown Costco blanket thin legacy 80/20 batting brown glide on top Invisafil brown in bobbin panto design called ground over by Keryn Emmerson (Golden Threads) Thanks for looking have a great day
  7. Just finished my customers quilt I used glide on the top and a coats poly prewound on the bobbin both off white the back was a Costco blanket with a thin cotton batting . I used a panto called Daisy swirl byJodi Beamish it complimented the floral print fabric she used , it gives it a nice texture I think.
  8. HI! I finished up this large 86" by 98" Batik quilt last night. I used Glide thread and Magna glide bobbins. The panto is "Come Dance With Me". It was my first time to use this panto and I really enjoyed stitching it. I hope you can see it in the pictures. IMG_0672 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0671 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr IMG_0668 by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr
  9. I'm fairly new to Quilt Path and am sure this has been discussed before, but can't seem to easily find the answer. I'm comfortable with doing E2E pantos with QP, but now have a customer who wants an all over design quilted inside the quilt borders. As with most quilts, it's not exactly square, so using the standard placement for E2E pantos, (measuring height & width) won't work. How do I place the design so that each row fits completely within the quilt center AND is placed correctly under the one above it? Would much appreciate any suggestions or advice.
  10. Digi-Tech Designs www.digitechpatterns.com Paper, Digital Quilting, Craft, & Embroidery Designs Annual Independence Day Sale!! 25% or more off all designs July 1st - July 4th. Click here for new digital,paper, embroidery items. July Featured Themes & Designers Featured Categories: Patriotic & Military, along with Stars will be 30% off all month long and we're doing a special on Christmas in July keeping Christmas themed patterns at 25% off all month long during July. Many New Items 25-50% off. Check our our Dollar Deals category where 400+ patterns are $5 or less every day! Note the dates and times of this sale are based on U.S. central daylight time zone. If you live in a different time zone &/or country please adjust your dates and times accordingly. To access sale items directly: On the homepage for each section of our website you will see a notice of the Current Promotions. In that text the names of featured categories and featured designers, or other promotions will appear as a slightly different color, which is a direct link to that category. This means that you can go right to the items that you want to look at. For example: When you see Dollar Deals in the text on the homepage, it will be gray instead of black. Just click on the words Dollar Deals and you'll be taken directly to that category. This means that not only will you be able to find sale items quickly, you can go to just the sale items that you are interested in instead of looking through pages and pages of wonderful & enticing designs. While we wish that everyone had lots of time to look at everything we know that sometimes you just need to get to what you want, so that's why we've decided to link directly into those items. Please note that Dollar Deals for Paper can be accessed by clicking here and Embroidery Dollar Deals here. Thank you, Jessica & the Digi-Tech Team
  11. I am buying a computerize system for my Millie. Any ideas on how to sell my paper pantos I will no longer use? How about my Hartley Circle Maker? I don't know how to get the 'word' out there. I am new to this forum.
  12. Does anyone have a suggestion of an overall panto design that would look best or appropriate on a civil war era quilt? Thanks for any suggestions. My customer doesn't want it custom. I was thinking maybe baptist fan.
  13. I have a customer quilt that uses civil war fabrics with an appliqued border. Any suggestions for an appropriate panto? I have Bountiful Feathers by Hermione Agee- this quilt is really outside my "typical" quilt! Thanks!
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