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Found 9 results

  1. I have 9 pantos that are gently used for sale. These were money makers when starting my business and I would like to sell them in one batch. $35 for all I will pay shipping. Great for beginners to build your inventory.
  2. I am downsizing patterns and templates I no longer use. Some are paper by various quilters, ie Karyn Emmerson and others, some books, ie Sherrie Rogers-Harrison, some templates from Longarm University. Priced to sell. All or partial. Grace at needles2nails@msn.com
  3. 20 Paper Pantographs for Sale - whole lot for $160. Buyer pays Shipping. PayPal please. Curly Weave by Karen Thompson Willow Leaf Studio 11” Tiki Triangle Beany Girl Quits, Willow Leaf Studio 11” Woven Wind by Apricot Moon, Quilts Complete, 12” row Stacked Snailz by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 13.5” row Bauhaus by Patricia Ritter, Urban Elementz 12” row Spiral Feather by Jodi Beamish, Clothwerx, Willow Leaf Studio, 12” row Bolero by Sarah Ann Myers, Urban Elementz, 11” Modernish #2 by Barbara Becker, Four Paws Quilting, Urban Elementz 12” Deb’s Swirls by Deb Geissler. Includes 3”, 4”, 5”, and 11” pantos or borders: Bamboo Forest by Julie Mullin, Fiberactive Quilt Co., 16” by 120” Shades of Anasazi 11” Pumpkins Galore by Donna Reinarts 15” Froo Froo by Nichole Webb Whitehorse Quilt Co., 11” Palm Trees by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Holly and Berries by Vickie, 8” X 2 per width of panto (designs by Vickie) Clothesline 10” MeadowLyon Design Koko by Jodi Beamish Willow Leaf Studios, 10.5” Whoop De Doo by Lisa Calle, Willow Leaf Studios, 13” Jessie’s Swirls Simplified by Jessica Schick, Digi-Tech, 10” Tickle Too , Beany Girl Quilts, 11”
  4. SOLD!! $375 I would like to sell this as a lot. All pantos are brand new in packaging. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Paypal Payment due within 24 hrs. of sale. 1) 9" Fantail by Lorien Quilting 2) 8.25" Peacock Palm by Patricia Ritter 3) 6" Texas Bluebonnet by Patricia Ritter 4) 7.25" Fleur des Lys by Patricia Ritter 5) 7.5 Sago Palm by Patricia Ritter 6) 4" & 6" Dragon Fly Borders by Donna Reinarts (The Quilt Rack) 7) 12" Whirlwind by Karen Thompson 8) 9" 4th of July by Julie Mullin (from Stars & Stripes) 9) 6" each Pea Pod & Cactus by Timeless Quilting Designs 10) 13.5" (2-rows) Windbreak by Timeless Quilting Designs 11) 6" Her Reflection by Timeless Quilting Designs 12) 6" Bush Orchids by Timeless Quilting Designs 13) 11.5" Hearts, etc. by Lisa Thiessen 14) 6" (border & variety of blocks) Kamon Pack 1 by Lisa Thiessen 15) Duck Hunt by Jodi Beamish (Willow Leaf Studio) 16) 7.5" Up of Down by Aimee Simmons (Splendid Stitches) 17) 9" Elegant Crane by Kathie James 18) 10.25" Offset Crosshatch by Kathie James 19) 4" & 4.5" Set of 3 Hat, Glove by Dave Hudson (Set of 3-DH 156, DH 1352-4.5") 20) 14" (2-rows) Feather Strippy Bar by Kathie James KJ 424 19) 12" Sprockets by Karen Thompson The following are all GOLDEN THREADS 20) 5.5" Leafage (small) by Keryn Emmerson #RD99 21) 10.5" Ribbon Rose by Keryn Emmerson # RD116 22) 9.5" Birdseye by Keryn Emmerson #RD118 23) 12" Holly Feather by Keryn Emmerson #RD113 24) 5" Shell Border (with corners) by Keryn Emmerson #RD84 25) 13.75" Sweat Pea Scramble by Keryn Emmerson #RD109 26) 9" Jacobean by Keryn Emmerson #RD119 27) 8" Kaye's Roses by Keryn Emmerson #RD60 28) 12.5" Fuschia (with corners) by Keryn Emmerson # RD52 29) 8.5" Leaf Litter by Keryn Emmerson #RD120 30) 7.75" Whatever by Keryn Emmerson #RD80 31) 11" Ground Cover by Keryn Emmerson #RD61 32) 12.5" Ivy Garden by Keryn Emmerson #RD104 33) 5.5 Button Flower by Keryn Emmerson #RD124 34) 8.75 Hawthorn by Keryn Emmerson #RD98 35) 11.5" Rose & Feather Border by Keryn Emmerson #RD86 36) 9" Here & There by Keryn Emmerson #RD59 37) 8" Sunshine by Denise Herrera #RD211 38) 8" Chi Chi by Denise Herrera #RD204 39) 6" Happiness by Denise Herrera #RD212 40) 7.5" Fly Away by Denise Herrera #RD209 41) 8" Double Expresso by Sue Patten # RD301 42) 9" Feather Me by Meredith England #RD271 43) 6" (6 in. border & 11.5" block) Leaf Carpet by Meredith England #252BR 44) 6.5" Classic Leaf (plus 11" block) by Meredith England #RD250 45) 5" Top Hat by Meredith England #RD265 46) 8" Gardenia (plus 12" block) by Meredith England #RD253 47) 4.5" Feather Chain (Vertical) by Meredith England #RD267 48) 7" Tropical Breeze by Nancy Johnston #RD283 49) 7" Magic Carpet by Nancy Johnston #RD285 50) 4", 4.5" (& 5.5") Feather Border Collection 1 by Judy Allen #RD254
  5. I have just bought a computerized program for my APQS and I am selling all my R & S and other brand groovy boards . I also have about 20 pantograph scrolls. the hartley base extender and a variety of rulers. All are slightly used. Please call if interested. 325- 829-1595, Nancy Harper
  6. Selling the following patterns $8/pattern plus shipping: Themes: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum small Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Christmas Holly Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Festive Holly Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish Tumblin’ Teddy Bears Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Pumpkin Patch Beany Girl Quilts Benay Derr Seascape Debra Geissler Elephant Parade Willow Leaf Studio Liz Civetti Dinosaurs Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Sea Shells Debra Geissler Puzzle Pieces Pantograph Kathie James Feathers: Swirl and Twirl Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Chocolate Swirl Feather Pantograph Kathie James Feather Meandering and Linda’ Curly Feather Linda V. Taylor Feathered Flower Overall and Border Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Leaves: Sunny Leaves Debra Geissler, 9” Trailing Vine – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Seaweed Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Fern Gully Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Hearts: Double Hearts and Loops Debra Geissler Flowers: Floriana Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Touch of Spring Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Primrose – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Bell Blossom – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Stars/Paisley: Paisley Swirls 11”, Debra Geissler Paisley Plus 12” Debra Geissler Stars and Loops, Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Starz Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Meandering Stars Dave Hudson Swirly: Dotti Dot Lg Willow Leaf Studio Irene Steele Denise’s Spirals Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Chestnut Swirls Debra Geissler 8.5” Different Strokes Dave Hudson Ribbon Dance Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Spirals Galore Debra Geissler Spin Lg Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Floating Clouds – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Misc: Iron Gate Pantograph The Quilt Rack Donna Reinarts Amore Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Wrought Iron willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish
  7. I just upgraded to the Intelliquilter and I'd like to sell my stash of pantos (as a group, if possible). I have 152 paper pantos intended for a longarm (not mid-arm or short-arm pantos). Probably 80% have never been used or even unrolled. I'd like to get $1,200 and I'll pay shipping in the USA. I've attached a link to a PDF file showing all the pantos (with thumbnails) as well as a pick showing them all bundled up so you get the idea of how many there are....if you buy them all, I can send you the Word document with all the pantos as well. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fjPLMGYMu6BTlLKvS03QeUIixYW9jG1_/view?usp=sharing If you have questions, you can e-mail me at heatonvic@gmail.com. I'd rather not split them up unless it proves impossible to sell as a bunch. This is a great deal as the retail cost of all these would easily be double my price plus shipping. If you are a new longarmer, this is the opportunity to get a great bunch of pantos for half the retail price. I've been longarming for 14 years and I think I picked ones that were attractive and that customers would enjoy.
  8. Just thought I'd share something I've started doing that has proven helpful. When I started machine quilting using pantographs I created a Pinterest board where I collected 'pins' of patterns I thought I might like to own at some point or even those I just thought were really interesting or cool. As I've been building my collection I started a new board of 'purchased pantographs' and now I move from my first location or pin a new image of any panto I buy (either new or private sale thru forums, etc) in this board. I can note information concerning the design - size, etc. and when I purchased it. This way I can scroll thru quickly and 'see' what I have when I'm at the computer without having to go to the studio to search through the rolls or scan through my written lists. The visual helps a lot! Happy quilting everyone!
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