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Found 3 results

  1. SOLD Lot of 18 Pantos, New in packaging, $180. INCLUDES flat rate shipping to anywhere in the USA. Paypal payment due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice. All packaged up and ready to go! Golden Threads: Ivy Garden 12.5" repeat Birdseye 9.5" rows Harmony 8" rows Clover Meadow 14" rows Leaf Litter 8.5" rows Rose and Feather Border 11.5" rows Top Hat 5" repeat Button Flowers 5.5" rows Fly Away 7.5" repeat Feather Border Collection #1 4", 4.5", 5.25" Tropical Breeze 7" rows Ribbon Rose 10.5" rows Email 6" rows Feather Chain (Vertical) 4.5" repeat Classic Leaf 6.25" rows PLUS 11" block Hawthorn 8.75" repeat The Quilt Rack: Butterflies for Tarah 11" Lorien Quilting: English Vine 13.5" interwoven
  2. Selling the following patterns $8/pattern plus shipping: Themes: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum small Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Christmas Holly Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Festive Holly Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish Tumblin’ Teddy Bears Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Pumpkin Patch Beany Girl Quilts Benay Derr Seascape Debra Geissler Elephant Parade Willow Leaf Studio Liz Civetti Dinosaurs Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Sea Shells Debra Geissler Puzzle Pieces Pantograph Kathie James Feathers: Swirl and Twirl Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Chocolate Swirl Feather Pantograph Kathie James Feather Meandering and Linda’ Curly Feather Linda V. Taylor Feathered Flower Overall and Border Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Leaves: Sunny Leaves Debra Geissler, 9” Trailing Vine – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Seaweed Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Fern Gully Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Hearts: Double Hearts and Loops Debra Geissler Flowers: Floriana Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Touch of Spring Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Primrose – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Bell Blossom – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Stars/Paisley: Paisley Swirls 11”, Debra Geissler Paisley Plus 12” Debra Geissler Stars and Loops, Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Starz Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Meandering Stars Dave Hudson Swirly: Dotti Dot Lg Willow Leaf Studio Irene Steele Denise’s Spirals Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Chestnut Swirls Debra Geissler 8.5” Different Strokes Dave Hudson Ribbon Dance Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Spirals Galore Debra Geissler Spin Lg Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Floating Clouds – Lorien Quilting Hermionee Agee Misc: Iron Gate Pantograph The Quilt Rack Donna Reinarts Amore Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Wrought Iron willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish
  3. My Millie should arrive today! I have gotten a bunch of quilting patterns and anticipate getting more. I will have Quiltpath. My dealer used iPattern to organize her patterns, but it looks like that software is no longer supported. Can anyone recommend another software that will allow me to see and organize my quilting patterns?
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