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Found 2 results

  1. As many of you may recall, my Mom has been ill since Jan of this year. She is now under hospice care. She's had 2 bouts of pneumonia and although she is still weak, she is slowing improving. I am her only caretaker so I haven't worked since Jan 3rd. Some days, she doesn't need me to do much other than regular care. (She sleeps a lot). On those days, I get to take a little time for myself in between her routine care. She loves the color pink. And I had promised her last year when I was working on my sister-in-laws quilt, I would make her a pink quilt. So, here it is. Her mind is not always clear, but I believe she undestood it's her quilt when I presented it to her. She smiled..... I could not find a design for a pieced cross block that I felt I could do, so I designed this one myself. The quilt fits a full size bed and the blocks are slighly less than 8 inches square. Not having ever tried to design a block before, they were supposed to be 8 inches square but came out slightly less. Thankfully, they still fit together ok. I used my IQ for most of the quilting with the exception of the rays behind the cross and the sid around everything. The cross border, sash and block designs are from One Song Needle Arts. This is link to the photos of Mom's Pink Cross Quilt. Debbie Newnan, Ga
  2. These photos are from quilts finished this past month. The first is a nap quilt for my grandson. I used the CL cogs template in the center (thank you Vickie) and surrounded the cogs with freehand stars and loops. The cogs remind me of the Death Star on Star Wars but my husband didn't want me to put Death Star on the label for a 5 year olds nap quilt so I called it the Nap Star quilt. The second photo is of Abby's quilt, she's 8. It's a Log Cabin Zoo. She came to my house on Tuesday's after school last year and worked on piecing the quilt, she even chose all of the fabrics. She completed the top this summer. I asked if she wanted to quilt it on the big machine, my Millie, but she said she couldn't do it. She chose the Cosmos CL boards, because she wanted flowers on it. I quilted several rows before she came and stood next to me and watched what I was doing. When I asked if she wanted to try it she took the handles from me and kept on quilting. Of course after a few minutes she got bored and asked me to finish it but she did try the longarm. Whew! She went with me to my guild meeting last week and showed the ladies her quilt. Everyone raved about it and asked if she wanted to show it in our quilt show in February. She was thrilled. Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to share with you. Untitled by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr Untitled by Heirloom Quilter, on Flickr