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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I have an assortment of Long arm books I am ready to pass on. They are $5 each, plus shipping, or $40 for all of them. These are the titles: Free motion designs for Allover Patterns by various authors Free Motion Block Designs by various authors Sampler quilt Smackdown by Bethanne Nemesh Step by Step Free Motion quilting by Christina Cameli No Mark Quilting Designs by Nan Moore 75 Quilting Patterns by Helen Squire The art of Feather quilting by Judy Allen The Ultimate Guide to Longarm machine quilting by Linda V. Taylor Formal Feathers 101
  2. Hi, newbie here - I have a couple of questions. I finally used a prewound bobbin and had a separate bobbin case I planned to keep just for prewounds, so the backlash spring was out. Well, as per Superior Thread's advice as well as Jamie's video, I did the test where it would flip over in my hand and not lift. (It was a Glide prewound). Anyway, it kept lifting out of my hand and I kept loosening the bobbin case screw until I had it not lifting. However, as I was inserting it into my Freddie, the screw fell out and I couldn't find it anywhere on my multicolor Berber carpet. (!!!!!!!) Luc
  3. Hey all, I have been experimenting with pre-wound bobbins and would love to get an informal survey of what you all do when using Superiors Super Bobs pre-wound bottom line bobbins . Do you take the cardboard off only on the side that is up against the inside of the bobbin? Do you take both cord board sides off both ends and then adjust bobbin tension after each modification?? or do you leave both card board sides on the pre-wound and still get pretty stitches? I actually called superior the other day and the advise I got was pretty useless.."it;s what ever you would like to do" . Well I feel
  4. What are your thoughts on prewound bobbins. And do you have a preference over the card board sided bobbins or the plastic sided prewound bobbins. Or just winding your own. I want to use them on my Millie. My Millie is running great now I think I just needed to get use to her. I love quilting with her now Thanks, Marti
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