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Found 15 results

  1. I went to put my new Hartley extension table on my machine to practice with rulers, and I learned there was some sort of extension on the left side of the base my 2012 Millennium. It has some sort of mechanism attached to the bobbin area, which makes me think it isn't intended to be removed. Can anyone tell me what this is (see attachment) and what extension table I should have bought for rulers with this unit? I bought exactly what my dealer told me (Hartley extension table without cutter), and it won't work unless I take this thing off. Looks like it could be attached to my Bliss unit? Thanks for the help.
  2. I have just bought a computerized program for my APQS and I am selling all my R & S and other brand groovy boards . I also have about 20 pantograph scrolls. the hartley base extender and a variety of rulers. All are slightly used. Please call if interested. 325- 829-1595, Nancy Harper
  3. I am bringing home my first ever long arm machine on Tuesday, a 2013 dealer demo blissed Millenium on a 12' table. I am SO EXCITED! My APQS dealer is 2 hours away from me and I want to be able to jump in right away as soon as she's set up in my studio. What goodies should I buy while I'm in the shop? I know I want to learn to do ruler work, so I'll need the extended base. I do intricate appliqué on my own quilts and would like to be able to ditch around the appliqué with accuracy. Are the micro drive handles the best way to do that, or should I try one of the acrylic needle guide tools (sold by long arm ruler mfgs) instead? What thread should I start with? Any other gadgets or gizmos that would be helpful? Also, if I put her on casters, can I move her on carpet? I just want to give myself an extra couple feet behind the machine for pantos and be able to push her back to the wall when I'm working from the front or using my other machines. i'm hoping to add IQ or Quiltpath in the future, but first I want to get used to the machine, loading quilts, etc. Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated. Rebecca Grace www.CheekyCognoscenti.blogspot.com
  4. I just recently purchased a Millie and was wanting to get recommendations on the best after market plate that attaches to the machine for use with rulers and makes my working space much larger. Any recommendations?
  5. https://www.lisahcalle.com/quilter-s-groove-pro-line-set.html All five ruler for $90.00 plus $12.95 shipping. Paypal
  6. I am getting rid of a few items because they are duplicates or little/never used. I am asking $10/per item, plus shipping. There is a 6.5" pinched square, a Willow leaf studio Sew Clear Wave 4.5" & 6, a Hartley ruler, a 12" blacklite, a 12"feathered wreath, 3- 6 5/8" x 24" feather borders and a feathered corner. (the design boards are Handi-Quilter or Groovy, I think). Mesaage me if you have questions. These items are in excellent used shape.
  7. I just discovered these template/ rulers. Have you used or seen a demo of them in action at quilt shows? Are they a new thing? After watching the video I was thinking that the smaller one (5") might be what I need to improve my SID. I think that you'd still need to use an extended base. Curious for feed back. http://glidengo.com Leslie
  8. Hello Experts! I have a quick question about ruler work with my Millie, more specifically the ruler thickness and how it applies. I have a Millie with a 1/4" foot, and I understand I need minimum 1/4" rulers so I don't run over them with my hopping foot and break things. I get that. But I'm looking at some used items to add to my tools, and some of them are 1/2" thick. Is there any reason I cannot use a 1/2" ruler with my Millie? It seems to me that thicker would be better, but before I buy one, use it and wreck something, I thought I would ask the experienced community here. I believe the point is to not have a thinner surface that potentially sneaks under the hopping foot, but would a thicker surface pose unexpected problems? Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge!! Beth
  9. I just purchased my FIRST LONGARM. And can not wait to get her here safe!! I just need help on what rulers are good and if any one is selling some ( or giving away some) please let me know.
  10. Has any one been doing ruler work with George? If so what rulers and sizes do you use and have any of you used the fine line rulers? What do you think of them and what sizes are you using with those? Thanks. Still waiting to find out when I get to have a George. This has been an ordeal. Started May 14 trying to find a George in Houston I could see. That took a month. Ordered one June 17 and still waiting to find out when one will be ready and would ship. Also what feet do you like on the George? SueB
  11. Cleaning studio and found some things I bought but never used. Time to find a new home and make some room in our studio. The LittleDetailer designed by Sue Vollbrecht $7.00 Mini S Shape $5.00 4 Nested Star Templates $25.00 Easy Glide VII $7.00 Buyer pays shipping.
  12. Buy 2 DVD's get one free. See previews @ aquilterschoice.com Beginning Longarm Just Do It 1 Just Do It 2 Fowlproof Feathers Creating Spaces Filler Er Up Hartley Fence
  13. Just a few questions for all of you. I believe I read somewhere on here about plexiglass squares to put on your quilt to audition quilt designs before quilting them. What do you use to mark on the plexiglass? Secondly I'm wondering what favorite ruler for SID everyone uses? And can this also be used for doing piano keys or is there something special people use out there for those? Thanks for any help or advice.
  14. I am appreciating my 'Dawn Cavanaugh's Crosshatch Ruler' this morning as I quilt 45 degree lines on each side of a thin pink middle border. I have found her ruler to be the most stable of all of mine, due to its length, 1/4" tabs to snug in the hopping foot, and the fact that it is still thin enough for me to get my hands around. I also sprayed 505 basting spray on the back to give the ruler even more grip. Dawn, now that Off The Edge Quilting has gone out of business (I heard), will your ruler be manufactured elsewhere or should we nab them while we can with existing supplies? I see they are available from Columbia River Quilting. Dawn'sCrosshatchRuler by LadyLakeQuilting, on Flickr http://columbiariverquilting.com/ote_cavanaugh_crosshatch.html
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