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Found 4 results

  1. Using Millie, With Glide thread, Top and bobbin. Am having repeated top thread breaks. The thread is shredding before the break. I just swapped out the needle for a new one and am stitching again. What else could be the problem?
  2. I have had my new Lenni for just over a week. Just started having really frustrating issue. My (Glide) thread keeps shredding and/or looping on the top when I'm going right to left, in straight-ish lines. Also common when going from bottom to top (pushing away from me), but not as bad as right to left. No problems at all when I'm doing swirls, meanders, etc. Top-to-bottom and left-to-right straight lines are fine. But going right to left, major problems with loops/skipped stitches/shredding. REALLY FRUSTRATED! Here's what I've tried... - new needle - bigger needle - turned needle from strai
  3. Hi all! I just purchased a used ultimate II machine last week. So far it has been great, except every once in a while the thread will start to break or shred, and the stitches will skip. It is not every time just every once in a while. Does it sound like a timing issue? I have checked for burrs, cleaned and oiled everything and changed the needle. Tension seems to be just right The top thread and bottom thread have no loops peeking through. I have done the drop test with the bobbin, and then set the upper tension after that. I am using a cotton thread, maybe I need to hydrate the spool
  4. I have shredding... and it makes me want to put an axe thru my sweet baby machine..... I've read all the recent posts on this and have tried changing my bobbin case..I haven't hit a ruler, did NOTHING but changed threads to a different color of the same thread...(Rainbows, use it 99% of the time)... Limped thru the last quilt... thought it was my needle, I had changed it when it first started and thought it wasn't high enough... but no.... new quilt... same issue...shredding by the needle...AAARRRRRGGGGGHH!!!!! I've rethreaded, changed the thread path in the duck bills, emery corded every
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