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Found 5 results

  1. Second time trying to free-motion (Millie) a collage top where the customer has used steam-a-seam and I can only stitch very slow and only go forward or to the right. Going backwards, stitches will skip. But if I’m stitching forward then need to turn right (outlining a nose for example) my needle will break and I will get a small tear in the backing! I’m going very very slow The collage may have up to four layers of Steam-a-seam. I would like to finish quilting this top, what can I do to stop the needle breaking (hopefully no more holes in the backing)? I have
  2. Hi! I am new to this forum and a new Longarm Quilter. I also don't have an APQS machine, this is just the best forum I could find that hopefully someone could give me some tips. I quilt with a Kenquilt Royal longarm that is just a champ! I am having trouble with variegated king tut thread, I get lots of skipped stitches and top thread breakage. I have fiddled with tensions to no end. I at first was trying to run the variegated in the bobbin too, but I have switched to solid perma core in the bobbin, but I am still having trouble. It will sew perfect for about a foot or so and then it will eith
  3. I've been quilting for a long time and I used to not have problems quilting over fusible applique. Recently, I've seen a lot of animal pictorial quilts like this one below, all fusible, no stitching and more than one layer is common. Stitching looks great until to try to sew from front to back and then none of the stitches catch. I've compensated by starting and stopping and only moving from back to front when necessary but I've got a quilt coming up where the customer wants pebbles in the applique and that technique isn't going to lend itself to starting and stopping. My question, how do
  4. We are baffled. While securing a top to the batting and backing using a stitch regulated and channel locked straight line, the thread shreds and comes out of the needle. After we made some adjustments, we tested the machine, making circles, curves, and points, etc. All was good. We put the quilt back on, resumed basting the quilt to the batting with a straight line, the thread continued to shred! What could possibly be the issue that caused this problem to occur??? And the thread keeps coming out of the needle eye, again when only doing straight lines. We are at a loss as to wha
  5. A quick note in thanks to APQS , with special thanks to AMY in service. i was becoming very frustrated when I could not correct the stitch skipping on my Millie; a call to Amy and with patient step by step instructions I corrected the encoder wheels and hook & needle adjustment . My "Millie" now runs beautifully and NO skipped stitches. I can now relax and enjoy my weekend. Thanks again for the great service ! Heather
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