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Found 5 results

  1. My Millie should arrive today! I have gotten a bunch of quilting patterns and anticipate getting more. I will have Quiltpath. My dealer used iPattern to organize her patterns, but it looks like that software is no longer supported. Can anyone recommend another software that will allow me to see and organize my quilting patterns?
  2. Bernina QuiltMotion by Grace - Computer aided quilting with Bernina software. Excellent like new condition with all parts. Works wonderfully. Complete hardware and software - you will need your Grace quilt frame, Bernina sewing machine, and a laptop. Lets you create beautiful detailed quilting designs as well as create and print pantographs on paper. I used it on a Bernina frame with a Bernina 750 and an 820. It can be set up for other manufacturer machines as well - contact the Grace Company for how to do that. From Grace web site: Computer Automated Quilting - Powered by QuiltCAD Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home! You design it, QuiltMotion quilts it! QuiltMotion takes you seamlessly through pattern design to stitching with absolute ease. See more on Grace's web site: I am moving to a long arm machine and no longer need the QuiltMotion. I am asking $1850 $1750 which includes shipping to lower 48. As you probably know, this retails between $3500 to $5000. I have added a stock photo but can send actual photos upon request. Email me at with questions and please include your phone number.
  3. Just ordered my IQ and it's due to be installed in about a month. Yeeeee!!!! I'm very excited about it. But I've been looking online and lots of places sell already digitized designs and I know I can trace my designs on the IQ, but I'm just wondering about some of the software available to create my own digitized designs. Does anyone have a favorite? I've seen youtube video and other posts for Art & Stitch, Pro-Q, and another one that I forgot to write down. Anything special you think I should know or consider? Is it worth the expense? Also, I've seen a couple of systems for sale as either used or 'came with my LA, but never used'. I also recall reading somewhere that if you purchase used software (even if it was never opened and installed), it won't work right because it cannot be registered to a new computer. Is that true? Any info/ advice/ opinions etc., would be tremendously helpful and much appreciated. Thanks, Lora.
  4. I have seen some posting and discussions about electronically drawing on quilt pictures to see what would look good. I have a basic paint software with a mouse which doesn't work well for drawing. I have a laptop, not other external hardware for drawing. Can you share what you use and what you like and dislike about it. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Can someone tell me what software works best for you for you quilting business? I'm looking for ease, taxes, expenses, etc. My business partner and I have a quilt retreat business and individually each of us has a longarm business. We'd like something we can both use. We don't have a lot to spend and arm and a leg. Beth