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Found 3 results

  1. I have no overlock. I want to buy, but finances do not yet allow, because of this, the inside of my dresses and blouses does not look neat. Is there a way to process seams without overlock?
  2. I've already called and left a message with APQS to call me back, but while I'm waiting, I'm getting impatient. I thought it wouldn't hurt to post this problem on the forum. Maybe someone out there has had the same problem. My Freedom was stitching just beautifully a couple of days ago, but now when I stitch from right to left, the stitches look like they're stretched tight so they look like a shiny line. When I stitch from left to right, the stitches are absolutely perfect! I was having this problem before Christmas also, but I spent some time on the phone with both Amy and Dawn regarding a different problem, and this stopped happening. Now it has started again. So far, I have checked the thread path, changed bobbins, tried sr and no sr, changed speeds, put in new bobbin case, thoroughly cleaned and oiled, and obviously I have changed the tension on both bobbin and top thread countless times. I don't know if it's related, but also, sometimes when I'm tacking in or out, the thread catches on something. It's really hard to see exactly where it's catching. Sometimes if I just wiggle the machine a little to the left or right, it lets go, but otherwise I have to take out the bobbin case and untangle it from underneath while turning the fly wheel. It doesn't seem like it's a burr, it seems more like the thread is getting stuck or hung up on something. I hope this makes sense to someone out there. I'm at a loss, and meanwhile, my customer quilts are not getting done. I would appreciate any help! Lori
  3. Photos of 3 quilts that I just finished for 2 gals at Ft Leavenworth KS. They are both beginners and did a great job on their tops and I quilted them for free for them. Two have already shipped back to them and the last one will be in the mail tomorrow. I also did labels for them and Michelle's start quilt is her very first quilt. Andrea's Star Quilt was her second. Enjoy!!