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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Ladies, I need advice on this one. I have a customer who makes t shirt quilts. She is very nice. She just lost her regular longarm quilter. Said her LA quilter had to have surgery. I did 2 quilts for her and now she has asked me to be a subcontractor to her and do all her quilts. That would mean she gives me a 1099, or if I don't want to do that, she will "employ" me and pay all the taxes, ss, fed and state, etc. My dliemina is this...I don't want to subcontract or be someone elses' employee. I want to do quilts. I have my own business license, and pay all that myself as it is. I can't see why she would need to classify my work other than if it is of some benefit to her to do so. The way I see it, is that she is a customer like anyone else and just because she brings me a bunch of quilting, should not mean I am a subcontractor to her. We have discussed this ad nauseaum, and I am getting nowhere. But she is telling me that according to the law, she has to do this if what she pays me is more than $599 in any one year. I know that your customers whose quilting fees are over that amount, don't give you a 1099. My accountant said, I should do what I want to do. If she insists on otherwise, don't quilt for her. That is the way, I'm leaning. advice please. Debbie