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Found 7 results

  1. Due to illness, I have not been quilting in a while. Up for your consideration is a large batch of OMNI. Most have never been used. Some wrappers are missing as they were likely shipped to me from Superior Threads in loose crinkly plastic bags around the cone instead of the shrink wrap. I will also include an OMNI 172 color chart with actual threads. I did do some highlighting on the color chart of the colors that I had at one time and the chart is cut a little bit so that it would fit into my binder. I am asking $450 for all 51 cones plus shipping,, or $10 a cone plus shipping. Buyer will be responsible for shipping and insurance (if insurance is desired). I will not be held responsible once the thread has left my hands. Shipping from California. I will accept Paypal, check, or money order. Funds must clear before shipping ** I have used these 2 cones (blue ice and steel blue) before but there is plenty left on the cones. The other 49 cones I believe are all new, never used. 3117 -- PLUSH PURPLE 3118 – BYZANTINE PURPLE 3112 – WATERLOO 3124 – LAVENDER 3115 – LIGHT MULBERRY 3114 – FROSTED LILAC 3136 – LIGHT MAUVE 3168 – GREENSLEEVES 3085 – GROVE 3166 – SPRING GREEN 3165 – BRIGHT LIGHT GREEN 3167 – BRIGHT GREEN 3074 – SPEARMINT 3081 – CITRUS MINT 3063 – WINTER WELL 3060 – WHISPER GREEN 3058 – VALLEY BREEZE 3155 – TANGERINE 3055 – ORANGE GLOW 3053 – SCHOOL BUS 3052 – DAISY 3049 – CHEESECAKE 3039 – LEMON CREAM 3152 – CLIMBING ROSE 3161 – BEGONIA 3131 – LIGHT ROSE 3148 – BAHAMA SAND 3106 – BORA BORA 3102 – ADRIFT 3090 – MEDIUM TURQUOISE 3096 – TREASURE ISLE 3071 – BEACH GRASS 3088 – SKYWARD 3070 – FOUNTAIN MIST 3087 – BLUE ICE ** 3110 – STEEL BLUE ** 3022 -- SILVER 3021 – ASH GRAY 3031 – CINNAMON STICK 3027 – OREGON TRAIL 3012 – DARK TAN 3018 – OAK 3013 – BAMBI 3010 – SANDBAR 3019 – GOOSE 3007 – ASH 3062 – CREEK BED 3005 – SESAME SEEDS 3015 – TAPESTRY TAUPE 3005 – ALMOND 3011 – BUFF
  2. Just wanted to show everyone my new thread shelves. They were very inexpensive, $5.49 per shelf plus about 50 cents for the dowels to hold the bobbins. Each shelf holds 16 cones across, two deep. I added tiny dowels in front of each cone to hold the extra bobbins. I could, and may, put the shelves a little closer together and add a 6th shelf. I painted them red to match my new painted stairs. So far I love them.. I had the cone storage racks but always had to be very careful taking the cones off so I wouldn't knock off other cones.
  3. Many used paper pantos, many themes and sizes. Listed below are patterns/designers: Themes/Holidays: 2 Pumpkins and Loops Jelly Bean Quilter Mary Eddy, 10” and 8” sizes Cherry Meander Debra Geissler Tannenbaum Jodi Beamish Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons Debra Geissler Hedwig the Owl Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Tweet Tweet Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Play Catch Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Animal Crackers Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Nancy’s Flakes Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Gossamer Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Seaside Kathie James Christmas Holly Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Festive Holly Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish Snowflake Meander Debra Geissler Mozart Willow Leaf Jodi Beamish Country Road Route 3 Timeless Quilting Designs Irene Steele Tumblin’ Teddy Bears Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Pumpkin Patch Beany Girl Quilts Benay Derr Seascape Debra Geissler Elephant Parade Willow Leaf Studio Liz Civetti Dinosaurs Diff’rent Strokes www.patternman.com Turtle Tales Urban Elements Patricia Ritter Sea Shells Debra Geissler Puzzle Pieces Pantograph Kathie James Feathers: Quirky Clothwerx Jodi Beamish Swirl and Twirl Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Chocolate Swirl Feather Pantograph Kathie James Double Plume Keryn Emmerson Here and There Keryn Emmerson Rainbow Flight Miki and Diane Designs Windy Meandering Sew-Phie Quilts Sophie Collier Deb’s Feathers Debra Geissler Whimsey N. Sharp Feather Meandering and Linda’ Curly Feather Linda V. Taylor Feathered Flower Overall and Border Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Leaves: Jungle Time Karen Thompson Jacobean Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish 2 Gingko Leaves Debra Geissler, 11.5” 2 Sunny Leaves Debra Geissler, 9” and 14” sizes Maple Syrup Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Freehand Flouish Kathie James Seaweed Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Becker’s Ferns Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Fern Gully Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Butterflies/Drangonflies/Hearts: Angel Wings Willow Leaf Studio Dragonflies Debra Geissler Butterfly Charm Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Timeless Hearts Timeless Quilting Irene Steele Double Hearts and Loops Debra Geissler Flowers: Camellias Large Timeless Quilting Irene Steele Floriana Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Echo Blossoms Beany Girl Quilts Benay Derr Whoopsy Daisy Intelligentquilting.com Karen Thompson Tea Rose Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Meandering Daisy Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Touch of Sprin Quilted Heart Designs Tom and Dana Van Wie Stars/Paisley: Paisley Max – Lg Willow Leaf Designs Jodi Beamish 13” Bottoms Up Whitehorse Quilting Co. Nichole Webb Paisley Swirls 11”, Debra Geissler Paisley Plus 12” Debra Geissler Paisley Playtime Sm Lorien Quilting Hermione Agee Stars and Loops, Electric Quilters Linda V. Taylor Starz Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Swirly: Dotti Dot Lg Willow Leaf Studio Irene Steele Denise’s Spirals Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter 2 Chestnut Swirls Debra Geissler 8.5” and 11.5” Different Strokes Dave Hudson Double Bubble #1 Urban Elementz Patricia Ritter Flirtatious Timeless Quilting Designs Irene Steele Popcorn Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Ribbon Dance Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Spirals Galore Debra Geissler Spin Lg Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Waterworld Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Paper Chase Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Misc.: Iron Gate Pantograph The Quilt Rack Donna Reinarts Amore Willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish Basket Case Miki and Diane Designs Wrought Iron willow Leaf Studio Jodi Beamish
  4. Hello - new Lucey owner here and having fun practicing on her. Do any of you use Omni thread? And if so, what do you find works well in the bobbin. Thanks!
  5. A pretty minor question, but I’m stumped so thought I’d pose the question. The quilt I’m about to quilt has a lot of white background, and some colored batik shapes pieced in here and there. . It would be considered a modern quilt. With so much white, should I use white thread, or the sort of off-white (linen) Glide? In the past, I’ve steered away from white, thinking it’s too stark or bright, but I have never had an all-white background. Also, if I use white thread, should I use a more neutral (like off-white or light grey) on the batik parts? Thank you!
  6. If anyone has suggestions about thread color, please send a message. There's a lot of black on this and I'm quilting it with a "tannenbaum" (Christmas tree) pantograph. I'm leaning toward the thread on the right in the picture because it has less gold in it. My goal is to not use a dark color on Santa's face and beard (he's VERY large on the print), but I also don't want to clutter up all the black areas in the background and on the wide border with too light a thread color. Thanks!
  7. Can anyone pleeeeeze help me. I love this one particular thread. I called it magic thread because it blended with absolutely EVERYTHING! It was the ugliest color ever when you looked at in on the spool, but it just melted into the fabric. I could use it with pink, blue, black, red, purple, orange....seriously, it coordinated with everything. I remember the color number was 887 or 878, and it was kind of a mixture of pea green and gold in color. Sorry, I know that's a horrible description, but the actual color is very hard to describe. I ran out about a month ago, and of course threw away the old spool core, so don't have it for reference. Went to my local LA supply shop where I always purchased it (usually 4 at a time, so it's been a while since I was at the shop). The shop was out of business! Oh nooooooo. Now where will I get my magic thread. I've looked under Permacore, and Omni and can't find a color match. I thought it was Permacore or something that sounds like that. They carried another thread line that just had a large "A" in the label. Do you know how hard it is to do a Google search for "A thread"? You get everything imaginable. If anyone can decipher my ramblings and knows just what thread I'm talking about and where I can buy it, please please please let me know. If you don't know the exact thread that I'm talking about, but you use one that does the same thing -- magically blends with absolutely everything -- I'd be happy to get that information as well. In advance -- TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY!!!
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