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Found 5 results

  1. SHE'S DONE IT AGAIN!! Why doesn't this happen when we're practicing a new design on muslin, or doing a personal quilt, or not on a deadline??? Sunday afternoon, while quilting a deadline customer quilt, I broke thread and moved to a new spot...and an inch in, bad sound, needle down, needle break, lost power. After manually removing quilt from danger, collecting the shattered needle pieces and tracing power, I realized I was in trouble. I called my awesome retailer and left a message, and then after reading loads of comments on the forum about getting real time help from APQS, I called thei
  2. I am attaching this picture because I'm trying to figure out this tension problem on the back of the quilt. First off, since I finished this quilt, I have had no tension problems on the other quilts I have quilted. I had adjusted the tension several times on this quilt and it had worked perfectly for part of the quilt and then would hiccup this issue; quilt merrily along and then "hiccup" and then quilt merrily along again and "hiccup". When it happened, I was sure it was a hook & timing issue, but I checked that and rechecked it and it was okay. So, I'm wondering if this was an issue w
  3. Has anyone had this happen? I am waiting for APQS to open so I can call them but I think this is really a problem! yesterday I hit a safety pin (which I use to hold the quilt backing on the leaders). My customer cut the backing the same size as the top and I stupidly did it anyway so i had no margin for error. So, of course, I had a big error! I called APQS and they said it sounded like I jammed the needle bar and gave me instructions to adjust that. So, I did that. It was super hard to unscrew the needle bar set screw and I needed my hubby to strong arm it. Once the adjustment w
  4. Oh wise and experienced maintenance experts, I need advice .... I've bang-banged (with my needle) two different rulers at two different times ... accidentally, of course. I did not break the needle when I hit the ruler, but ended in the needle jamming in the down position. Now my perfect tension and perfect stitches have gone wonky. I get good stitches navigating from bottom to top with the correct # of stitches per inch, but really bad, little bitty stitches and horrible tension going from top to bottom. What steps should I take to get back to "beautiful" again? Or should I just plunge
  5. Timing, or should I say Re-timing is everything! I knew that it was going to happen one day, and yesterday it did. I broke a needle sending my LA into another time zone! Thankfully, I’d attended Mark Caraher’s machine maintenance course at Sparrow Studioz this summer. Armed with that knowledge and Amy’s machine timing video tutorial, I went to work. Re-timing was a first for me, the learning curve was steep. I admit it took several hours to get the hook rotation set just right, but I did it! My machine is once more running smoothly. Hmmm, what next, ….. repack the gearbox? Maybe check th
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