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Found 6 results

  1. I recently added the Leader Grips to my 2008 Millenium. Since then, I have had difficulty advancing the quilt even though I haven't changed anything about how I loaded my quilts/backing. It happens when I secure the quilt top or if I float the quilt. Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what I can do to resolve the issue? Thanks!
  2. New user, Lenni, brand new turbo winder. Last week I did my first quilt, it wound 6 bobbins great (L size). today when I am ready to try my second quilt it will not wind. The motor runs, but the bobbin will not turn. I have the thread between the disks, tried winding the bobbin once, but it just will not turn. I have tried with and without the little black washer for 'L' size bobbins. but it still will not wind. Any suggestions short of taking the turbo winder apart and checking the inside.
  3. Help. I am hurrying to complete a quilt before tearing down my Millie for a move. I'm almost to the bottom and realize the backing is about 2 inches short. What can I do besides take it off and try to sew a little bit more on??? Can I add a piece of fabric to the backing on the longarm?? I am so mad right now. It's a wide back and when I had to square up the cut ends I had to rip the ends to get a straight of grain! It was cut so crooked I didn't have any choice. But I should have measured twice and ripped once. Ughhhhhh!
  4. Are you an APQS owner needing a 'Spa Treatment' in the greater Toronto area? Our Service Technician will be travelling with us to Creativ Festival October 24-26. We only have a few appointments left... Book your spot today! For availability & pricing Email matt@apqs.com
  5. Good morning. i parked my machine last night after finishing a quilt. I started her up this morning, loaded a new quilt, put new bobbin in and broke a needle...inserted another, broke it again. Checked bobbin and oh my goodness, the black holder is loose and turning all of its own. that little black arm that I assume holds the bobbin in place is loose and detached. i tried to put it back in place and tighten it up, but the machine won't stitch.....what is happening, how did this happen and what can I do to fix it? Please...i am so backlogged with work, can't affort this down time. Help please
  6. I just purchased my first long arm machine. It is an used Ultimate II, non stitch regulated. I'm learning, but need some help. I am having a few loops on the underside of my practice pieces. Can anyone direct me to a manual or video that helps new owners figure things out? Kinda like if this happens (top thread shredding) then you check this, this, and/or this. If your stitches are looping underneath, then you check this..... Does this make sense? It appears there is limited amount of trouble shooting videos on the web. Or at least I haven't found it. I am a <have to see it to learn it> type of person. Although this forum is very beneficial, if I can't see it then I'm having trouble assimilating it into action. Also, does someone have any suggestions on the speed control dial? I'm not sure how that works and how I need to adjust my speed in order to have it all working together. Thank you. Robbin
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