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Found 4 results

  1. I recently purchased a 2009 Millie and would like to upgrade to M & M wheels. Before ordering thought I'd check if anyone has a set of gently used ones for sale after upgrading their machine to bliss. Thanks, Brenda
  2. Hello, I would like to know what is the best caster to put on my long arm table? Is there a caster that looks like a cup and glides across the floor? If yes where do I find them. I have limited space in my sewing room and want to be able to move my long arm out of the way when not using it.. thanks Donna
  3. Check the wheels! If this only serves as a mere 'Maybe it could be that..' I thought I would share my recent experience with everyone, computerized or not! I was noticing a wobbly line in my iQ stitching on the Y axis, I thought maybe it was the motor strengths, I played with them a little bit and it was still giving me a wobble but not as bad. I was nearing the end of the quilt and it ran out of bobbin so I slid Millie to the side to change it and THuNk! I immediately swung under my machine and the front of the machine was sitting on the carriage! Apparently the (my) left side wheel cam had become loose and caused the machine to derail! I had NEVER thought of checking the wheels when I am doing regular maintenance partially because I have never really messed with the wheels since I've had it. And I also figured out why it's necessary to have two wrenches of that size (7/16) in order to tighten it back up! It stitches like a dream now but that explains the off stitching and sluggishness of the machine my Random Maintenance Tip: Double check all the wheels! Tighten them if necessary!
  4. M & M Wheels for sale. Asking $175 obo. Paid $240 new from APQS. Only used one year before upgrading to the Bliss system. Can email photo upon request.