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Batting for wall hangings

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Originally posted by gardenslug

Have made many different sizes of quilts, but have never done a wall hanging. Okay, Bonnie - what batting should I use for wall hanging so that it lays flat?

Read posts, a lot of them by Bonnie, to find out all kinds of info - so thought I may aas well just go to her.

But will take advice from anyone.


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This looks like a good place to jump in. I am just starting my quilting business and am having trouble finding fabrics with a religious or Christian theme. Can anyone help?

I also need fabric for Ohio State University for a graduation gift.

Thanks for your help.

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Jolene, Am having a not too successful time with computer and with U2U. Cannot find any message, only one that was posted in Feb. 2008. Could be I am doing something incorrectly which is not exactly a new expeerience. My e-mail is mddeck@roadrunner.com

Hope I get this posted in the right place.


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Thanks for the fusible info. I realized I said SaS2 and forgot the lite part. I was thinking also that doing the center cutout would be better. RaNae recommends using Sulky Rayon for the satin stitch but I think poly embroidery is better for wearability.

Have to tell you gals my beginner mistake. I'm using 108" wide muslin for my practice and I put the backing on the takeup roller first..all 90 pins of it. Then I did the top..all 90 pins, before I realized did it wrong!! By that time I had to go get dinner ready and today was my garage sale so I haven't been back to fix it. I made $181.75 in 6 hrs so I'm happy. Now I've got money to but more supplies! Yippeee!!!

Thanks gals for your encouragement and help

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