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Has anyone sold a machine and had to crate up the wooden table to send??? I might have a seller for my machine but am having a hard time trying to figure out how to send it. have called shipping and packing companies, one estimate was for 1800$ to send my Discovery from Miane to Missouri. Any help you can given me would be greatly appreciated. Does anyonw out there have a crate they do not need?? Thanks for your help,



APQS Discovery


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You might try calling APQS tomorrow morning - they may have extra crates, or at least advice on who to call and the best way to ship it.

Good luck!

Barbara Mayfield
APQS Sales Representative & Educator
AND Quilt Path owner!!!

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Connie, I know we keep referring everyone to call the office but that's really the best idea!! Shipping most anywhere in the US should be around $500 from APQS so I think $1800 is high!!! I hope you get it worked out so you can close the sale!!!


Debbie Cadwallender

APQS Sales-Service-Education

Central Michigan


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When I received my Ultimate II machine with the wooden table,,, it was shipped with just 2by4 and plywood crate,it up... it cost me 355.00 to have my machine shipped from APQS,, and it came by a trailer truck company right too my home...

Hope this might help you,,,


Wilma DePriest

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It cost me over $1000.00 to have my machine shipped from NH to OH. The lady I bought it from did the best she could.

So $1800.00 might not be off with the gas prices.

DeLoa's husband or Jessica's father, he breaks down, ships and sets up machines. Maybe you could call him, I'm not going to estimate the cost but what he told me was a lot cheaper than 1800.00.


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Shipping is not cheap when it is from an individual person. I was quoted over a $1000 3 years ago to ship my gammill when I sold it. It is considered a partial load by the freight company. Remember too that business work out deals with shipping companies that we can't because these companies are constantly shipping freight.


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By making your own box...that will save some additional charges should a freight company be doing the crating....but with the price of transporation these days...$1800 might be a pretty fair price. I would check with several of the LTL freight companies and see what they will quote you...

Here are several names you can start with...most of these trucking companies cover the lower 48...

Ward Trucking



DATS Trucking




Hope this gives you a place to start.

Bonnie Botts

APQS Sales Rep - Certified Service Technician

APQS Millennium 2006---MJ

APQS Millennium 2004---Lucy

405-533-1025 home

518-935-3832 cell

"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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My machine was shipped ABF. The shipper must box up. The rails were 'packed' in those long wide mouthed irrigation pipes that the shipper closed on both ends. The head came in a seperate box with all the other 'stuff'. Freight company would seem the cheapest.

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