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It all started with: we are pregnant....... (a bit long)

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no, not me and hubby. But a dear friend and his wife.

Well, early enough father-to-be asked me whether I could make a quilt where the baby could lay on. Sure, I said and asked him about the theme of the baby room. NO theme, No this no that. Can't you make it just with bright colors?

Sure, I said and showed him the beautifull fabric from Benartex Fossil Fern. Again I was left with no good answer. My heart sank and I said, ok dear father-to-be, I will do something.

Some weeks later, I had already started I made the mistake and showed him a cute bearpanel. Big mistake as he wanted to have this included. But not that stupid looking rabit and dog......... Ok, my heart sunk again another step lower.

Next information: Hey just to let you know, baby is born. 4 weeks to early and is it possible to make it a bit bigger so that the new Mom can sit on that quilt too? or cuddle up with the baby in the recliner? ...... Sigh ..... more grey hairs.

I rearranged and thats the outcome (not a masterpiece :) )


From one part I had no use in the quilt I did a pillow with french fold. So the quilt can be carried with them or well, they will find a way to use it.


Because they are very dear friends I still had fun doing this job. Passing revue, it was the time to arrange and rearrange the top which consumed most of the spended time.

I used the brown flanell as backing and brought it to the front for double binding. I used batting in double layer so it was a bit more fluffy. King Tut and SoFine did a great job (after I changed to a new needle I had not one single threadbreake).

Now I am searching for more of this fossil fern fabric. I want to make a quilt of my own using this stuff.

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Andrea,

Where have you been hiding for so long? I have missed you on here (well, and in my email inbox, too).

That quilt turned out so cute. Don't you just love it when you get instructions this straight forward (NOT). Maybe that's "new-father-to-be syndrome"?

Anyways, you did wonderfully and little Joshua will treasure his quilt for many years to come.

Take care,


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