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Ok I am planning to do my first wholecloth starting next weekend after I have my zippers installed. Something I am puzzled about is if you have a quilt that you have started for example I will need to outline the trapunto with my water soluable thread and then a customer calls and I need to unload this quilt to work on a customers quilt. How do you reload this quilt even with zippers? What am I missing here. I mean this quilt may only be quilted half way down at the time. I mean will it simply float when reloaded? Where is my correct unloading point? What if I am halfway thru the actual quilting process?

Guess you can tell I'm working my night shift. I start worrying about stuff like this when reading all my quilting stuff. Can someone help me understand this please?

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Hey Tammie Grammie!:P

Be sure to leave all of your pinned zippers on when you remove the unfinished quilt. ;)

When you re-load, zip the top zipper to the take up roller, then proceed with the backing & roll & smooth as you go, then lay the batting over the backing fabric,& smooth out, then proceed with the top of the quilt doing the same, smoothing out as you go. Once you get started it is pretty obvious how you orient everything!:)

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