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I will try to put a picture on so anyone can tell me if you think outlining the animals in my safari quilt would be the way to go. Thanks to all, I love reading everyones help to each other, I am new to quilting I have pieced for 10 years but always sent out to get them quilted but now that I am disabeled and have to stay home the social security dept said they may get me a longarm machine since it would be eisier for me with my right arm being partly paralized. thanks to Bonnie sending me instructions on uploading my quilt we will see how well I can followphoto



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A warm welcome to you, Gail.

What a beautiful quilt!!

You are right on track with your thoughts for this quilt. With 10 years of piecing I bet you are very good at choosing quilting designs, even if you sent your tops out to be quilted.

Perhaps use a thin thread like BottomLine or Sew Fine on top--probably black, so the texture will show, but not the thread.

Good luck on your longarm journey and thanks for posting this lovely top.

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

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Great photo...and glad I was able to help.;)

Bonnie Botts

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I'd love to see a close-up. I will "echo" everyone and go for the echo outlining in black. Would you switch to a variegated thread in the sashing and border? a leafy vine? Are the animals embroidery or pieced? Is it a youth quilt or mature audience? Footprints in the sashing/border would be fun.

Please post the finished product? Thanks



"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." Helen Keller

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Your Africa quilt is awesome!! I have been to Africa twice on missions so I was really touched. Did you make the pattern yourself? I have no idea on how to quilt it, but I'm sure whatever your do will be beautiful..Linda

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Gail - Love the quilt!! Can you tell me how it was made, or the pattern name?

I agree with the quilting black on the black - would be beautiful just to let the colors of your fabrics shine! Awesome quilt really, you are right on track with it!!

Good luck on getting the LA, hope that works out for you - Oh - and Welcome to the Forum!! Post a "after" close-up photo if you can please........

Judi Olson

Garden City Quilting

Love my Millennium!!  :wub:

" ~ Aspire to Inspire before you Expire ~ "

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