My quilt is on the cover of the AQS Des Moines Program

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The cover of the program for the AQS Des Moines show features my quilt "Art Deco Gears"! It's also printed in black and white on the table of contents. It's not the whole quilt, they did a very cool cropping. I quilted it on my Millennium. You can't really see the quilting itself, too bad. BUT, I designed and made this quilt for the regular AQS magazine, that will include more pictures and directions on how to make the quilt. (I don't know when it will be published. I post when I know.)

Anyway, it was a nice thrill, and I will assume that means they really like the quilt. (Even though it didn't get a ribbon. But that was the first show I submitted it to, I'll try again.)

I'm very happy.

Robbi Joy Eklow

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Hey Robbi,

I have your book. A friend of mine was visiting me a few months ago and your book as sitting in my sewing room. He picked it up and was OOohing and Aaaahing and Wowing all over your quilts in that book! :) He totally loves your stuff (me too, of course!) :P

I'll definitely have to keep my eyes open for the AQS magazine that is coming out...

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Yes, Bonnie! That's my quilt! Thanks for the link!

Shana, I'm so glad you like my work, that's nice to know. Many of the quilts in that book, including the one on the cover were quilted on my Millennium. The only ones that weren't quilted on it were completed before I got it.

One thing though: My article probably won't be in the next issue, I don't know what issue it will be in. I think I'll know ahead of time and I haven't heard anything yet. However, feel free to look forward to the next issue if you need an excuse.

Rita: I'm glad you enjoyed my class. That's nice to hear. Especially as I'm getting ready to teach in Houston and getting worried about every little detail....

Cheryl: will I see you in Houston at the APQS booth?

Love, Robbi

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That's fantastic news Robbi! Your "Art Deco Gears" is amazing with some great contrasts in value and some very interesting shapes. It's fascinating to see your work evolve. I enjoyed your trunk show at Arizona Quilters Guild meeting and have since seen some of your pieces in shows, Denver International Festival I believe was the last one. It's nice to hear that art quilters like you enjoy the Millennium so much.

I bought my Millennium just as an extension of my interest in quilting so that I could control more of the entire process. Those quilters who quilt on it every day have a decided jump on me because they are so familiar with the machine and doing a variety of patterns. Over time I'll learn how to do more.

Can you believe that all the RV parks in Houston area are filled with claims adjusters? We couldn't get a slot this year. Should have planned ahead so will stay home and work on some projects. Hope some of you can post some photos on the chat so I can feel like I was there too.

Enjoy the Des Moines show. I'll have to put that on my list for the future. We're so proud of you Robbi. Keep up the great work and we'll look forward to seeing your article.


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