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Originally posted by (name removed)
If you no longer want the velcro brakes, APQS now has the awesome new brakes very similar to the new lenni brakes, no slippage, I LOVE MINE!!!!! :)

How do I find out more about the new brakes? Didn't know there were new brakes available .... I'd love no slippage!
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So, I stopped at Lowe's after work tonight and bought spme black industrial strength velcro and some Goo Gone in a pump spray bottle.

I took off my brake, pulled the bad velcro off. I only needed to take it off the backing roller side, as the top roller end was OK still (plus I couldn't pull it off to change it!). I cleaned my rollers with the Goo Gone and put the brake back on. I think it took me about 10 minutes...tops to do this.

I haven't tried quilting yet, but it feels so much better now. I think I am OK. Thanks everyone for this great information! You came to my rescue again. ;)

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