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What do I need to make my own pantographs?


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I have autosketch 9 and I just read about the Wacom tablet. My girlfriend and I have some ideas we would like to turn into pantographs to sell. What is the best way to produce rolled pantos. What type of printer do I need or do I give that job to someone else? Is there a book or dvd on how to? I noticed someone was giving a class on this at the last Kansas show.

How do you produce your own pantographs?

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Hi JoAnn,

This is exciting!

You know I remember hearing about how to create these panto's, & it just did'nt stick in my memory bank for very long.:mad:

Perhaps you could throw that question out to some of the other Long arm lists. I think that is where I read about it.

Regarding the tablets, depending on how large you are going to make your panto's, they come in all sizes, but I think the largest is 14 X 16. The best price that I know of is through Amazon, just do a query for Wacom & you will see the different sizes & prices are very competitive. I did not see the 14 X 16, so maybe you can drop them an E-mail to see if they have it.

Hope this helps, & keep us posted on your designs, sounds like alot of fun!;)

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