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Puppy were happy to play this morning in the snow. They got so excited.

Hugs Grammie

Dark is BO. Some may remember me finding him.

Tan is Rosco He is Bo's Brother. They look nothing alike. They are a handful but they have personality.

White is Allie. My pit who is the most loving and adorable pet I've ever known. She is so well behaved.


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I know what you mean Bonnie. Bo and Rosco are the first two dogs I have ever had and kept. They are rotten. lol

Allie is really my sons and I took her when he left for Iraq in April. Needless to say he cannot have her back. lolo

I never would have thought I would have dogs much less love them the way I do. I use to think that was silly. I find them more fun than my children were. lolololol (just kidding)

They are having some fun.



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Ok everyone, don't let Grammie fool you, those dogs are the most spoiled critters that I have EVER met! They love her and my FIL so much, it is absolutely hillarious to watch them when she and her husband walk through the door! It's like those critters are seeing them for the first time in years, when it could only be a few minutes since they last saw them! It is priceless, really really priceless.

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Grammie, those pups are having a blast!

our ndn has pits, too. when they moved in, I thought, "uh-oh" ...but I decided that if there was going to be potentially mean or aggressive dogs around, I was going to own their little souls! (I'm Alpha Female, can you tell?! :D)

I proceeded with caution, but I started going over to say hello to them. I talk to them when I'm in the yard, take them cookies and treats, and even water some days. (yeah :(...don't get me started!)

The female is just like your Allie, sweet and loving, and she absolutely ADORES my dh... she positively vibrates when she sees him! lol! She also sits nicely and waits for treats...when I come to the fence, I raise my hand to the 'sit' motion, and down she goes! roflol! When she gets off her leash, the first place she heads is to my back door.

The male is left in his kennel nearly 24/7. He barks at anything in the yard, but is happy as heck to see me come by the fence with treats. He isn't the most trusting dog...at least not to me But, which makes me wonder about his treatment (again, don't get me started! lol!) He's fine with my dh.

There's more to the story, but suffice it to say that this female has changed my opinion about pits... she's just a lovey little maniac... she's so full of energy, I don't know how she contains it all! I think the male would be better, but he's not socialized at all.

give them all loves from me!

We've been pretty short of puppy kisses at my house, so I have to steal them where I can!


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Here's a piccy of the ndn's pit, Layla. She's a really lovey dog. She came to visit today... "Whee, I got off my leash!"

The other night, their little girl was playing in their yard...she's about 2 or so, and Layla was in the yard with her. I was walking over with dinner scraps, and Layla saw me kind of through the bushes, without realizing who it was, she got between the kidlet and the fence and started barking at me...it was the FIRST time I have ever heard her 'BIG Protective' bark! She has quite a voice, and she was making sure that nobody got near that little girl! When I cleared the bushes and spoke to her, then she was fine...she stopped barking and started dancing around for her treat! lol!

What a screwball.


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