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Quilt Glide is going to be a new feature on 2009 Millenniums (the price of new Millennium will have to go up I would imagine). Quilt Glide can be retro- fitted to 2008 models.

It came about from comments from some customers that they felt that when they were doing small designs with the stitch regulator on the machine was "jerky" or "hesitated" when changing direction. Mike Moore has designed a device that smoothes out the feel of the machine - Quilt Glide. You have the choice to turn it on or off. I wish I'd taken a photo of it but, I think its a flick switch rather than a button on the front panel of the machine, easily accessible when doing intricate work.

It keeps the stitches even yet feels like the machine is coasting. When you stop moving the machine the needle continues to cycle until you flick the switch, (thats quick and easy to do).

I have mine on order and believe its easy to retrofit. I think that when I'm doing pantos I'll have it turned off, but I'll probably turn it on for all my custom work - especially the intricate quilting.

Hope thats the info you need.

Best wishes

Sue in Australia

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