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Pumpkin Soup, w/ pics finished

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Well I finally finished it. I had some tension issues in the bobbin and ended up frogging one whole row of the middle E2E. Now that I have learned that lesson, I will always stop and check the tension at the beginning of every row. What took 10 minutes to quilt, took hours to frog!!!!

Anyway, here it is done, I deliver it tomorrow. I am really happy with it, I hope my customer will be too!

Thanks for looking! Happy Quilting!


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Tracey, that black fabric is a Micheal Miller Fabric. Our LQS store still has some in stock, but that doesn't help you there. Hope you find some a little closer to home!

here is a link for it on his site:http://www.michaelmillerfabrics.com/MMF/Popup1_Swatch.cfm?Popup=6&&Kwds=floral

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Kerry, I LOVE your swirls and leaves...very pretty!

When I saw the quilt, I thought of some fabric I have that would be good for this pattern. When I search for Pumpkin Soup, I can't seem to find this one. Did your customer use a specific pattern?

BTW, did she like your quilting as much as we do?! :) Laura

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Laura, I have contacted the customer, but have not heard back yet, will post as soon as I do. I am not sure what she thought of the quilting,she wasn't home, and won't be until today so will find out when I talk to her. The other ladies loved it.

Satu/Jolene, I wonder what Pumpkin soup would really be like! Pumpkin Pie is my favorite, maybe I will look for a soup recipe.

I really had alot of fun doing this quilt, and with every success, more confidence to do the next.

Only 16 days to Christmas!

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